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Some people are inexperienced in choosing tiles. When choosing tiles, they think that the whiter the tiles, the better. In fact, there is a saying: the whiter the tiles, the easier it is to cause cancer! Therefore, when buying ceramic tiles, you must not be cheated by appearance. You must go to regular stores to compare more before you buy

some people are inexperienced in choosing tiles. When choosing tiles, they think that the whiter the tiles, the better. In fact, there is a saying: the whiter the tiles, the easier it is to cause cancer! Therefore, when buying ceramic tiles, you must not be cheated by appearance. You must go to regular stores to compare more before you buy

recently, a quality inspection report pushed the ceramic tile industry, which has always had nothing to do with human health, to “ Quality gate ” abyss. Announcement on the quality of the second batch of products under national supervision and random inspection in 2009 issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, Guangdong Bohua, l& D three products of two brands “ Radionuclide limit ” Unqualified, one stone provoked thousands of waves. Despite the positive explanation of Bohua ceramics and Jiamei ceramics, it still caused great repercussions and comments on “ Ceramic tile carcinogenesis ” Panic. The reporter of information times visited ceramic enterprises, ceramic industry associations and hospital oncology department, and interviewed many experts in different fields

is “ Whitening ” Add zirconium silicate

according to Wang Bo, a senior engineer of Xianyang ceramic research and Design Institute, one of the implementation units of this sampling inspection, the AQSIQ's inspection items for ceramic brick products include 10 items, such as size, water absorption, destructive strength, radioactivity, etc. Why does the detection of ceramic tiles include the radionuclide limit? Ceramic tiles are neither stone nor metal. Why do they contain radioactive elements? Whether the radionuclide exceeding the standard will cause harm to human body? The reporter learned that in the production process of ceramic bricks, especially polished bricks, in order to achieve the whitening effect, an appropriate amount of zirconium silicate will be added. Although zirconium silicate itself is not radioactive, some enterprises add too much for the production of ultra white bricks, which invisibly increases the content of other radioactive elements

Mr. Zhong, the technical director of a well-known ceramic enterprise in Foshan, said that radionuclides, like melamine and other substances, can only be harmful to human bodies if they reach a certain amount and have a long-term impact. The limit of specific activity of natural radionuclides, radium, thorium and potassium in building materials in the limit of radionuclides in building materials is quite low, which is almost negligible compared with the limit of radioactivity in stone materials, In fact, it is only the requirement and protection of the state for the self-discipline of the ceramic industry

there is no example of ceramic tile carcinogenesis

Yin Hongyu, Secretary General of Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, firmly denied the recent rumors that ceramic tiles may cause cancer due to excessive radioactivity. He said that some experts believed that “ The radioactivity of building sanitary ceramics products is harmful to human body ” Lack of medical basis. In the Millennium pottery producing areas of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, Foshan, Guangdong and Tangshan, Hebei, no front-line workers have been found to have abnormal health and related medical cases due to perennial contact with ceramics

Wang Bo, Deputy Secretary General of the National Technical Committee for standardization of building and sanitary ceramics, said that radioactive elements include long-lived natural radioisotopes such as uranium, thorium, radium and potassium, which are divided into natural radiation and artificial radiation. As long as the radiation dose does not exceed the personal dose limit, radioactivity will not cause harm to the human body. Generally speaking, the impact of class B ceramic tile radiation on the human body is less than the radiation produced by a mobile phone call for one minute

although the heads of ceramic enterprises and experts in the ceramic industry unanimously said that ceramic bricks will not cause cancer, it will inevitably make citizens feel that there is a suspicion of one family's words. To this end, the reporter interviewed director Chen of the Department of Hematology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine. He said that it is possible for radioactive elements to cause malignant tumors, which generally induce cell lesions, leading to leukemia, lymphoma, skin cancer and other blood cancers. With regard to the theory that ceramic tiles with excessive radioactivity lead to malignant tumors, director Chen said that such cases and relevant records have not been encountered in his clinical experience and domestic case literature

there are substitutes but the cost is high

there are endless disputes about the radioactivity of ceramic tiles in China, and what are the relevant standards of foreign ceramic industry? Chen Guowei, a representative of the Italian San Agustin ceramic manufacturer, told reporters that the ceramic tile testing of Italy and other major ceramic producing countries in the world has no index requirements for radioactivity, because this is the most basic requirement. We can't simply say that setting the radioactivity standard of ceramic tiles is good if there is one, and bad if there is none. Chen Guowei also revealed that the inspection of foreign ceramic tiles focuses on environmental protection, including the industrial environmental protection index in the production process and the environmental protection coefficient in the production process

since excessive addition of zirconium silicate will lead to an increase in radioactivity, is there a safe raw material to replace zirconium silicate? Liang Yiliu, director of the inspection room of Guangdong Technical Supervision ceramic product quality supervision and inspection station, said that high whiteness scouring mud also has “ Whitening ” Function, but 10 times of the washing mud can reach the effect of 1 times of zirconium silicate, and the purification process of the washing mud is complex, which makes the cost of ceramic tiles soar. Therefore, he suggested that consumers should not blindly pursue whiteness when buying ceramic tiles, and try to choose ceramic tiles that are yellowish and grayish




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