Only with such a kitchen can we cook winter happin

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In the twinkling of an eye in late autumn, winter, this season of love and hate finally came

in the late autumn, the season of love and hate finally comes.

for many people,

winter is an abyss.

confined to the quilt and heating home, I can't help it.

in fact, Xiaoman still likes winter

because only in winter, the food is more warm.

family members sitting around a seat, Steaming hot pot

winter in childhood memory

by the humble stove

the hot soup cooked in the pot always warms the heart

it seems that in modern times

life on the stove is gone forever

but the black technology of the cabinet

makes life more possible

makes the expression of family affection more perfect

happy, Enjoy with you

▍ schneiman cabinet happy melody

modern kitchen is no longer just a person's studio. It can carry more emotional exchanges and become a leisure area for family members to chat, or an amusement park for friends to hi PI. The color contrast design matches with an active atmosphere. The spacious bar and vegetable washing area leave enough space for people around them. Children do homework, lovers wash vegetables together, friends help together... The happiness of getting along is all on the tip of the tongue

in winter, live together with warmth

▍ schneiman cabinet Finnish town

wood materials can always give people a warm feeling, and fresh colors can always make people feel warm. It's suitable for a sunny winter day. The old cat at home stretches his waist lazily in the warm sun. The warm atmosphere in the kitchen is combined with the sizzling barbecue sound, making him happy

baking good mood

▍ schneiman cabinet Berlin spring

the resolute lines of the European top line create a position for baking lovers. In the morning of winter weekends, we must start with the most delicious egg tart, so that the chill slowly recedes and the warmth slowly rises. Occasionally, when relatives and friends get together, show a handful of homemade cakes or apple pies. The wonderful time of life is in the spring of Berlin

black technology brings imagination closer

▍ star on the left bank of schneiman cabinet

subverts the future of smart kitchen with "fantastical" black technology. Stars on the left bank enjoy fun with science and technology. The electrification, automation and diversification of lighting in the kitchen fully meet the imagination of science and technology experts about the future world. The intelligent and interesting kitchen easily eliminates the tediousness and tediousness of cooking in winter, and makes cooking fun

cannibal fireworks, taste ordinary happiness

schneiman cabinet

for quality and temperature





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