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Design is the attitude of pursuing perfection

(Li Minliang: national registered senior interior architect, Anhui landscape space decoration design director)

Casaro's world design tour Japan station feeling:

have a deep understanding of the Japanese design industry. Compared with China, the competition and pressure of Japanese design industry are quite large. I also feel that their exquisite presentation of details and careful control of overall planning have benefited me a lot under the condition of limited resources

design is the attitude of pursuing perfection

has been engaged for 11 years and won the 2008 International Commercial Art Design Award; Li Minliang, one of the top ten designers of in 2015, who won the gold medal in Anhui District, has been putting the ideal design into practice with the best possible standard and height through the careful observation and perception of design to people, design to environment and design to life. Over the years, excellent design projects include China Resources Arc de Triomphe, George manor, Greenland center, Baiyue mansion, Xuhui royal mansion villa, Nathan Tianshu and other space works

deconstruction style, the reconstruction of spatial language

in Li Minliang's view, design is to create a tasteful life. Customizing the space suitable for the owners' personality and creating a pleasant and ideal quality of life is the realization process of designers' self-worth. Breaking the inherent limitations of style, deconstructing different aesthetic elements, and flexibly walking in multi-dimensional space language, we can feel these characteristics of Li Minliang's design works in the following set of space works with modern simplicity as the theme

(Li Minliang's space works)

this set of works is the new house of a 30-year-old newlyweds. The main decoration materials are Oushennuo tiles and wallpaper. Decorate the ground and wall with the elegance and implicity of classic gray tiles and the simplicity and generosity of wallpaper, and take the simple and lively design style as the main tone

(Li Minliang's space works)

(Li Minliang's space works)

Li Minliang believes that meeting people's perceptual and rational needs for the space environment with simple forms of expression is advocated by the internationally popular simplicity style. Modern people are fast-paced, high-frequency and full load, which has made people reach a state that can't be compounded. In this increasingly busy life, people are eager to get a space that can completely relax and adjust and transform the spirit with simplicity and purity. This is the psychological desire to get rid of tediousness, complexity, simplicity and nature generated by people under the domination of complementary consciousness

(Li Minliang's space works)

when decorating, the owner always hopes to reflect a certain cultural taste while being economical, practical and comfortable, while the simple style not only pays attention to the practicality of the room, but also reflects the refinement and personality of modern social life. Therefore, this set of space works integrates geometric, minimalist, Chinese and other elements, and harmoniously reconstructs the temperament and style in line with the owner's life ideal

(Li Minliang's space works)




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