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From March 23 to March 26, 2016, odison made a stunning appearance at the 21st China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai Construction Expo)

from March 23 to March 26, 2016, odison made a stunning appearance at the 21st China International Construction Trade Expo (Shanghai Construction Expo). The reporter of home hotline interviewed Huang Lei, general manager of Foshan Vegas doors and windows Co., Ltd. (odison doors and windows)

home hotline: most enterprises will make some adjustments to their products before participating in the exhibition. What products are the highlights of the Pearl Innovation Exhibition? What are the advantages and highlights of these products? Please explain briefly

Mr. Huang: this year, our main new product is panoramic intelligent sunshine house, which is mainly aimed at some new products launched by some high-quality villa customers. Through some electric systems and induction systems, our sunshine house products are at the forefront of the industry. Our product integrates intelligence into our life. For example, in rainy days, the product can automatically close the window in case of forgetting to close the window. It can also automatically close the sunshine room

home hotline: this year, "March 15", "hungry" and other businesses were exposed to lax management. Similarly, regulatory issues are equally important for the cooperation between manufacturers and dealers. How does the enterprise protect the rights and interests of dealers

Mr. Huang: we belong to a service industry. Our essence is to do a good job in our products and strictly control every process. If we don't meet the requirements, we can't ship out of the factory. The best guarantee is to ensure the best quality products to customers and consumers

home hotline: in the "national aluminum door and window dealer survey award ceremony", odison won the award of "dealers praise brands". How do you think of this award

Mr. Huang: I feel very honored and happy to be awarded this "brand respected by dealers". Because we are among so many dealers, including our salesperson and ourselves. We are constantly communicating and discussing this matter every day. Whether our brand is liked by dealers and whether dealers are satisfied. We know through constant interaction every day. Only with the strong support of dealers this time can we win this award. Thank them very much

home hotline: today, I saw many exhibitors coming to odison exhibition hall to visit and negotiate. What are your expected effects of this exhibition? What effect has investment attraction achieved now

Mr. Huang: the expected effect of the Shanghai Construction Expo is also ideal for us, because we have contacted about 70 or 80 intended customers in these two days, and there are really 78 successful ones, which has achieved our expected effect




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