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Aluminum gusset plates are more and more widely used in the decoration market, mainly in the commercial decoration and home decoration markets. They are mostly used to integrate ceiling plates. Aluminum gusset plates have many specifications, and there are many kinds of panel width, thickness and height of folding edges. Therefore, consumers should choose aluminum gusset plate according to the characteristics of kitchen and bathroom at home. The aluminum gusset plate of the integrated ceiling is divided into two types: plane and surface punching. Aluminum gusset plate is suitable for kitchen and bathroom space with more moisture

when consumers choose aluminum gusset plates, they mainly judge based on the thickness. In fact, the key to the quality of aluminum gusset plates is the texture of aluminum materials. Generally, aluminum gusset plates used in engineering are 0.8mm or even thicker. Because some gusset plates used in engineering are very long, in order to prevent deformation, they should use thicker and harder ones. Aluminum gusset plates used in home decoration, generally 0.6mm thick is enough, because there is no need to worry about the load-bearing of 300x300 aluminum gusset plates. Answer the question about why some brands of 0.8mm are bad

as we all know, some miscellaneous brands use aluminum from cans, which is recycled aluminum. Because of the quality problem of aluminum itself, it is impossible for them to make aluminum gusset plates very thin. Because aluminum is not good, the plates cannot be thinned evenly, so they can only make them thick. To identify the aluminum gusset plate, in addition to paying attention to the smoothness of the surface, we should also observe whether the thickness of the plate is uniform, pinch the plate with our hands and feel whether the elasticity and toughness are good. How to install the aluminum gusset plate? The aluminum gusset plate ceiling with integrated ceiling has two installation methods: light steel keel and wood keel. Here, it is recommended to install it with light steel keel. Since all the materials on the ceiling are metal, the deformation is minimized. Therefore, the installation method of light steel keel is the most acceptable. The wooden keel has been eliminated, so I won't explain it in detail here. In order to attract consumers to buy, some building materials dealers have proposed the installation of 15 yuan per square meter. Is it credible

in fact, most of them are wooden joists. You think you have taken advantage of them. In fact, you have suffered a heavy loss. Generally, the installation cost of light steel joists is about 40 yuan per square meter, and the quotation of decoration companies is more than 50 yuan. If someone offers you a quotation of 15 yuan per square meter, I suggest you should be careful. Think about it for yourself. Which JS is not for making money, no one will lose money and make a cry. He can do it at such a low price, Either the craft is rough, and he ended the battle in 2 hours after the work that was originally done in one day; Or he hacked you in other places, such as cheating, giving you fake goods, etc., so I strongly suggest that friends who want to decorate must not be greedy for small bargains and suffer big losses, and think about everything. Why would people be so cheap. How much does the ceiling cost? The cost of ceiling consists of three parts: the first is the money of aluminum gusset plate; The second is the material cost of corners. Generally, the dealer will help you calculate how many corners you need according to your family's situation; The third part is labor money, which should include all dressings. For example, the above-mentioned 15 yuan per square meter, some of which are acts of deceiving consumers. They say it is 15 yuan, but in fact it is only labor cost, not including any dressings. In this way, when you install it at home, you have to go out and buy keels, nails, etc. Finally, calculate the money you spend on dressings, freight, and your time and energy, I'm afraid it's more than 30 yuan, so I remind you once again that you must polish your eyes and don't be too greedy for small bargains





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