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Before decoration, I saw the so-called all inclusive price advertised in the advertisement. In fact, the real cost can't be stopped at all; In the decoration, the materials are shoddy and the workmanship shrinks; After decoration, I ran away, and there was no warranty at all &hellip& hellip; Many consumers who have experienced the decoration process have such complaints. Due to the strong professionalism of home decoration consumption and disorderly competition in the home decoration market, consumers frequently fall into the home decoration trap. How many secrets can't be said in the home decoration market? ◆ the three traps of high incidence of home decoration complaints cover the whole process. According to the data from Guangdong Provincial Consumer Committee, 1214 complaints about housing decoration and property services were received in the first three quarters of this year, showing an upward trend. In fact, nationwide, the number of complaints about home decoration consumption is high. Data from the official website of the China Consumer Association shows that in the first three quarters of 2017, the relevant administrative departments nationwide filed and investigated 2762 illegal cases involving home decoration. The reporter combed and found that the home decoration traps are mainly concentrated in the following three aspects. Before decoration: low price packages were used as a gimmick to attract consumers, but they refused to perform after signing the contract. 99800 yuan, including 80 square meters of whole house decoration &mdash& mdash; After seeing the advertisement, Guangzhou consumer Mr. Dai signed a reservation contract with the merchant in May 2016 and paid 10000 yuan. However, after repeated urging by Mr. Dai, the business arranged staff to conduct on-site measurement two months later, but there was no progress since then, and refused to cash in the all inclusive package. When Mr. Dai proposed to terminate the contract, the merchant said that Mr. Dai's 10000 yuan was a deposit, and if he asked to terminate the contract, the deposit would not be returned. After mediation by the Consumer Council, the two sides reached a mediation agreement, and the merchant agreed to refund 8000 yuan and complete the performance within the time limit. Decoration: the decoration materials are shoddy. In July this year, Guizhou consumer Tian bought tiles in a building materials City in Liupanshui City. However, Tian found that the tiles had color differences during the installation process. Until after installation, Tian found that the tiles had different colors, so he had a dispute with the merchants. The staff of Liupanshui consumers' Association verified that the tiles installed by the operators to consumers were indeed divided into three batches, which directly caused the color difference of the floor. After mediation, the merchants compensated the consumers. After decoration: quality problems are difficult to guarantee. Ms. Liu, a consumer, complained to Huainan Consumer Protection Committee in Anhui Province, saying that she had signed a contract with a decoration company, which agreed that the warranty period was 3 years after completion. However, during the warranty period, cracks appeared in the wall and ceiling of the house. Consumers found the decoration company, but the decoration company refused the warranty on the grounds that the house itself had quality problems. After field inspection, industry experts believe that the cracks in the construction house are caused by non-standard operation during construction. After mediation by the staff of the local consumer protection committee, the two sides finally reached an agreement, and the operator will repair it on site. ◆ the guerrillas' construction and decoration quality buried minefields. First of all, the low entry threshold and weak supervision led to uneven market players. According to experts from the Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council, the market access threshold of the home furnishing industry is low, and a large number of unqualified operators and even guerrillas undertake home furnishing business. Some businesses fake online fish. The so-called preferential package all inclusive price is just a lure for businesses to attract consumers, and it will be subcontracted to other home furnishing service providers after orders are obtained




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