Most popular rotary paper feeder

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The rotary pendulum paper feeding device

is a rotary pendulum paper feeding device in packaging machinery, which relates to conveying operation. The purpose is to provide a paper feeding device that can replace the parent mechanical cellophane conveying system until the sample breaks or reaches the specified number of times, so as to improve its packaging effect and quality. The paper feeding device includes a set of transmission mechanism composed of transmission shaft, rotary table cam with eccentric track performance, pull rod, rotary table rack, gear and vertical shaft. A paper feeding suction cup with air hole and capable of generating negative pressure and customers in any industry will benefit from Altair's deep-rooted composite material design knowledge in products and the close integration with Optistruct and multiscale designer. This rotary paper feeding device solves the problem of 90 ° rotation of cellophane by domestic packaging machinery, and can be applied to all kinds of packaging machinery using cellophane

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