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Shanghai held a safety month to implement the legal person safety production system. The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of work safety released a message on June 17 that Shanghai is currently carrying out a special 100 day supervision action on work safety and a work safety month. The Shanghai municipal government has issued an open letter to the legal representatives of all enterprises in the city, making it clear that enterprises are the main body of work safety, and the legal representatives of foreign enterprises are collectively referred to as wood plastic composites industry, which is the first person to work safety, and should take the lead in implementing the work safety system

the open letter of Shanghai municipal government clearly states that enterprises are the main body of safety production, and the legal representative of each enterprise is the first person of safety production. All production and business units and their legal representatives in the city should further enhance their subjective awareness, take the lead in implementing the safety production system and various rules and regulations of the enterprise, make corresponding adjustments to all parts, strengthen management in an all-round way, implement safety measures one by one, and resolutely eliminate existing hidden dangers. At the same time, strict safety production assessment and reward and punishment system shall be implemented to improve the safety awareness and safety skills of employees

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