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Salesforce has attracted Transamerica to become its financial service cloud customer

salesforce has successfully attracted another large customer for its financial service cloud. At the same time, it plans to use Einstein AI to strengthen the relationship management ability of all consulting service personnel

salesforce said that it has attracted a large customer, Transamerica financial network, for its financial services cloud, and this financial services cloud has just been updated to introduce Einstein artificial intelligence platform

the most commonly used electromechanical devices are stepping electromechanical devices and switching servo electromechanical devices. For salesforce, the biggest challenge is to consider how to transform the financial service enterprises that have been using a large number of customer relationship management products for a long time into cloud solution users focusing on the vertical market. Rohit mahna, general manager of Financial Services Department of salesforce, said that at present, more and more enterprises are investing in cloud platforms with more industry focus and pertinence from internal horizontal applications

transamerica previously had several customer systems. Salesforce's products will be responsible for providing a unified customer management platform for consultants, agents and customers in Transamerica. This migration strategy is planned by Deloitte LLP. Salesforce has attracted nine of the world's top ten wealth management companies in its cloud environment, plus a series of U.S. and European banking institutions

in short, Transamerica wants to consolidate all its customers into a complete set of views across multiple channels

salesforce attracted Transamerica to become its financial service cloud customer, and added Einstein AI scheme

according to the introduction of salesforce, the Einstein AI scheme added this time aims to help financial consultants connect customers and why customers take the experimental machine from here. Family relations with a variety of visual tools. These relationship maps will help the counselor build a more comprehensive view of the client's life through family relationships

the fact that financial service enterprises are returning to the foundation is also caused by the dynamometer part and the host part, that is, focusing on how to manage the relationship with customers and families, mahna said. Investing in relationships is the best investment

salesforce has attracted Transamerica to become its financial service cloud customer. At the same time, Einstein AI solution

has been added. At present, the financial service field has shown some new trend effects with high experimental accuracy. Slaesforce said that, first of all, in the next 30 years, a total of $6trillion of wealth will change hands as the baby boomers age. What changes and challenges will the future management of this huge amount of funds face? Financial service enterprises need to pay more attention to this transformation of family relations, and use artificial intelligence and other technologies to establish contacts

salesforce has attracted Transamerica to become its financial service cloud customer. At the same time, the new Einstein AI solution

salesforce's financial services cloud, in cooperation with Einstein AI, will be able to achieve the following capabilities:

obtain insight conclusions through customers' description of competitors and overall participation based on emotional analysis. The Einstein project leader will allow the consultant to contact the client at an appropriate time

relationship building tools can uniformly manage customers and their families. In addition, it will gradually add more combinations to cover multiple families, trusts and business groups in the future

map family relationships to visualize the customer's family wealth ecosystem and financial accounts

in general, salesforce's financial services cloud will use artificial intelligence to help consultants manage time more scientifically. For example, if there is a power of attorney in the nature of appointment, what is the most appropriate time point for us to contact the entrusted party? For consultants who want to successfully achieve business objectives, the right choice of time is undoubtedly extremely important

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