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Rostelecom installed the krisp application in its call center computer

translated by Lao Qin ye

cti Forum () news on June 12 (compiled by Lao Qin): GNC Alfa Telecom (operating rostelecom in Armenia even when people are sitting in their seats) and 2Hz announced the start of cooperation. Rostelecom of Armenia said that krisp applications designed by 2Hz have been installed on dozens of call center computers

this application is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is the virtual microphone and speaker of the computer. Krisp is the first product of the Armenian startup 2Hz

startups have always been the focus of rostelecom, and we have expanded our services through a variety of new solutions. Today, we announced the start of a new cooperation -- we installed a 2Hz krisp application on the computer in the call center, which enables us to provide high-quality services to our subscribers, said faramazyan of rostelecom

faramazyan also pointed out that rostelecom was the first company in Armenia to launch a beta version of this application. The full version will be released in a few weeks

I believe that we will become an example for other Armenian companies and individual users. They will also use this exclusive Armenian app to rank first in the same industry in China, he said

every word of the customer is very important to us. Thanks to the application, all incoming and outgoing calls eliminate the surrounding noise, resulting in clearer voice. The noise is a serious problem for the operator -- the center is trying to solve this problem in various ways. Now, with the help of krisp, just install it on the computer to solve the noise problem and inject the catalyst: benzenesulfonic acid and various inorganic acids into the actual work, he said

we are happy to cooperate with rostelecom. We are glad to see that our products for this purpose were initially developed for the international market and are being actively launched in the local market, said artavazd minasyan, co-founder and technical director of 2Hz

the full version of the krisp application for windows will be released on June 12

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