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SAIC General Motors speeds up the layout of electrification strategy recently, senior executives of SAIC General Motors' shareholders and shareholders have made remote connections in Detroit and Shanghai. The waw series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine adopts the oil cylinder down mounted main engine produced by Shimadzu technology of Japan. In the evening's science and technology outlook, the quality of our 3600 model bulletproof plate can be described as the gold standard of the neutral buoyancy class III bulletproof plate market. General Motors announced the future development strategy tailored to the Chinese market, including large-scale investment in electrification, intelligent driving and car coupling technology

the third generation global electric vehicle platform, the new ultium battery system, and the next generation pure electric vehicles of Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac were unveiled

it is reported that GM plans to invest more than 20billion US dollars in the field of electric vehicles and automatic driving in the world by 2025

more than 40% of the new models GM will launch in the Chinese market in the next five years are new energy models, which will be produced in China. Almost all parts will be purchased locally after the price rise in the imported ore market on the 29th

wangyongqing, general manager of SAIC General Motors, said that from 2020 to 2025, SAIC General Motors will introduce the third generation electric vehicle platform of General Motors and launch more than 9 new energy models

since this year, SAIC General Motors has significantly accelerated the pace of launching new energy vehicles. On the basis of the two electric vehicles launched last year, SAIC General Motors launched two new electric vehicles under the Buick micro Blue brand at the end of July

the core technology of GM's third-generation electric vehicle technology is the ultium battery system. Under this system, the battery and electric drive are highly modular, and only 19 kinds of electric drive combinations are required to support all electric vehicle products, covering China and the United States, including pickup trucks, SUVs, MPVS and cars

the range of the third generation electric vehicles using this battery system will reach 650km. The system is deeply participated by SAIC GM and Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center and has realized domestic application

Zhang Xiang, an analyst in the electric vehicle industry, said that at present, the development of electric vehicles in China's automobile market is surging, and the cars produced by new domestic car makers have been closely catching up with Tesla. The endurance mileage is nearly km. GM attaches great importance to the Chinese market and is eager to launch the latest generation of electric vehicle platform at this critical moment in order to maintain its market share and development prospects in China

on March 4 this year, General Motors released its newly developed "ultimate" battery and the next generation electric vehicle platform powered by it on EV week, and put forward its future strategy to lead the global electric vehicle market

chairman and CEO Mary Bora said: "we have accepted the challenges that the company must overcome in product innovation and the future of pure electric vehicles."

GM's ultimate battery can run 400 miles on a single charge. 400 miles is also the maximum mileage of Tesla's latest model s long range sedan after a single charge. GM says it can reach 60 mph in three seconds from standstill

General Motors plans to expand its electric vehicle lineup to 22 models by 2023, and encourage older vehicles to phase out the next generation electric vehicle platform adopting general motors early. In addition to trucks, most models will be equipped with 400 volt battery packs and up to 200 quick charging systems, while truck platforms will be equipped with 800 volt battery packs and 350 quick charging systems

the core of GM's electric strategy is its third generation global electric vehicle platform, which is powered by modular vehicle drive system and self-developed UL battery. Flexible modular electric vehicle platform creates economies of scale and new revenue opportunities. Through this plan, the company plans to ensure market competitiveness in various categories such as general electric vehicles, high-end electric vehicles, commercial electric trucks and high-performance electric vehicles that focus on economy

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