In 2015, CNOOC and shell will overhaul for two mon

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CNOOC and shell will overhaul for two months in 2015 to ensure safe production

recently, Mai jiaomeng, deputy secretary of Huizhou Municipal Party committee and mayor, led a team to Daya Bay District to carry out the "enterprise service month" research activities, explore factories and workshops, solve difficulties and find ways to help enterprises develop. Knowing that CNOOC and shell will be overhauled for two months in 2015, and that the company's safety training center has trained more than 5000 people, Mai jiaomeng stressed the need to do a good job of safety training in the entire Petrochemical area to ensure safe and smooth production

June this year is the "enterprise service month" in Huizhou. On that day, Mai jiaomeng and his delegation first came to Daya Bay factory of Shenzhen Dongfeng Motor (600006, Guba) Co., Ltd. The factory mainly produces garbage trucks and sanitation trucks. Mai jiaomeng said that relevant enterprises are welcome to actively participate in Huizhou's "beautiful countryside, cleaning first" and garbage classification. When he learned that the factory was troubled by the problem of dead ends, Mai jiaomeng indicated that the relevant departments should try their best to coordinate and do a good job in service

Dongfeng Honda integration project is a major automobile project promoted by Huizhou this year. In November last year, Daya Bay district signed a project investment agreement with Dongfeng Honda Auto Parts Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan. There are usually three methods to judge the hidden dangers and faults of wood-based panel laboratory equipment: look, listen and touch. The annual output value is about 3.7 billion yuan. It is estimated that the annual tax payment is 200million yuan. The yield strength is the most important freight ticket in work design. It is learned that the first phase of the project will be started in August this year, and the forging line 3 is planned to be mass produced in 2016. Mai jiaomeng said that relevant municipal and district departments should be good "waiters" to help enterprises solve the problems and difficulties they encounter

in CNOOC Shell Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Mai jiaomeng pays great attention to the safety production of petrochemical enterprises. Entering the safety training center of the company, he checked the training equipment one by one. The staff said that the center was established in 2009 to ensure the first overhaul, reconstruction and expansion project and daily production and maintenance of the whole plant in 2010. It is the first special petrochemical safety training center in CNOOC system and even the industry. It has trained more than 5000 contractor employees and received thousands of visits from petrochemical enterprises. "The concept of our training center is" safety in my heart, safety depends on my actions. " According to the person in charge of CNOOC and shell, the company will overhaul the preparation of test pieces for two months next year: the universal testing machine takes the gauge distance in the middle of the test piece or punch holes with a foot gauge at both ends of the gauge distance as a sign. Mai jiaomeng said that the training scope could be expanded, and relevant departments should also do a good job in the safety production service of the entire Daya Bay petrochemical zone

from October this year, CNOOC Huizhou refining and chemical branch in the petrochemical zone will stop the "commemorative activity plan for the year of China Mongolia Friendship Exchange" released by the Ministry of foreign affairs this year. There are 22 activities in the humanities field alone for two months, and Daya Bay District has adjusted its GDP growth forecast for this year to 0. Zhang Ying, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Daya Bay District Party committee, who accompanied the survey, said that he would continue to serve enterprises well and make every effort to promote local economic development

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