In 2009, 116 new power industry standards were iss

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In 2009, 116 new power industry standards were issued

the National Energy Administration recently issued announcement No. 1 of 2009, approving 116 power industry standards. How long will the impact test function last in December 2009? On March 1, the fx1s20mt programmable controller was officially implemented, and the relevant standards related to the power plant automation industry are summarized as follows:

DL/t guide for life assessment of thermal power units

DL/t inspection code for chemical instruments in power plants

DL/t guide for speed regulation and energy saving of auxiliary high voltage motors in thermal power plants

DL/T 5214 Code for acceptance and evaluation of construction quality of electric power construction (Part 5: thermal instruments and control devices)

dl/t power plant and substation electronic information system 220/380v power supply surge protection configuration Code for installation and acceptance of structure and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine

dl/t code for design of instrument and control system of conventional island in nuclear power plant

dl this steel bar zigzag testing machine is developed in accordance with the provisions of the national standard metal zigzag test method (gb232 (8)/t provisions on the content depth of preliminary design documents of thermal power plant

dl/t technical provisions for thermal protection design of thermal power plant

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