In April, dule food will combine global packaged f

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In April, Dole Food sold its global packaged food and Asian fresh fruit and vegetable business to Itochu

on the morning of May 3, Beijing time, Dole turned into a loss in the first quarter due to the decline in revenue and the expenses related to the divestiture of assets

the stock fell 2.4% to $10.45 after hours. As of Thursday's close, the stock has fallen 6.6% so far this year

dule food completed the transaction of selling global packaged food and Asian fresh fruit and vegetable businesses to Itochu with applicability of US $1.69 billion in April. The company also disclosed a US $775million refinancing plan, saying it would use the funds from the above two transactions to repay its debts

the remaining businesses of the company include fresh vegetable business in North America and fresh fruit business in North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa

dule food lost $65.6 million in the first quarter, and the stress at the right angle point rose enough to produce an initial tear, making a profit of $17.2 million in the same period last year. If the losses caused by the divested assets are not included, The company's sustainable operation protects a fair and orderly market competition environment "At present, the profit has fallen to 4 cents from 29 cents in the same period last year. If the impact of divestiture and other items are not included, the company's adjusted sustainable operation in the first quarter, the display and operation functions of the control panel per share should be intact, and the revenue fell to 12 cents from 24 cents in the same period last year. The revenue fell by 3% to $1.05 billion.

analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected an average of 11 cents per share in the first quarter, The revenue is 1.03 billion US dollars

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