In April, 2008, Hollysys released LM series PLC so

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In April, 2008, Hollysys released the LM series PLC software upgrade version

recently, Hollysys released the LM series PLC software upgrade version powerpro2.1.2 B

powerpro2.1.2 B is based on Windows environment and supports LD, FBD, IL, St, SFC, CFC and other programming languages that comply with IEC standards. Users can flexibly choose one or more languages to program according to their needs. Different languages can call and convert each other. It is a powerful, easy-to-use, user-friendly It is a high-performance programming software with an open interface that directly affects whether the spindle components are qualified or not

the new software powerpro2.1.2 B releases the new software powerpro2.1.2 B of LM series PLC. On the basis of the original software version 2.1.1 B, a series of external library files are added, which further improves the functions of the software and makes programming in product applications more convenient and fast

its library files include:

hollysys_ PLC_ b

PTO_ PWM_ For_ Query tmall enterprise purchase discovery b

modbus_ Slave_ For_ b

Hollysys_ PLC_ b

Hollysys_ PLC_ b

Hollysys_ PLC_ b

Hollysys_ PLC_ B

with the release of new module products, the relevant configuration files of new products are also added to the new version of software, which is convenient for users to add corresponding modules when the software is configured for PLC. The combination of software and hardware can truly experience the unique functions of the new module

powerpro2.1.2 B has a friendly interface and simple shortcut keys, which can facilitate users to list instructions and corresponding libraries directly, and complete the debugging, downloading and other processes, greatly reducing the time of program development and modification. The software has rich and efficient instructions, numerous data types and rich extension libraries. Users can customize special application instructions according to their needs. Powerpro2.1.2 B supports time type, date type, one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional array, pointer type, enumeration type, structure type and other data types. It has super strong operation function, which can complete 32-bit floating-point operation, PID operation of optimization processing, etc., and the interrupt call is convenient, the execution is accurate, and it has the function of immediate output, which is not affected by the scanning time. Powerpro2.1.2 B also has powerful software simulation, debugging and user code check functions, which is convenient for users to debug programs

the new version of "HOLLIAS LM series technical data disk" was released

with the release of the upgraded version of the new version of software powerpro2.1.2b, the scope of "do not use" and "strictly restrict the use" stipulated in the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials is quite clear, and hollys company issued "HOLLIAS LM series PLC technical data disk" at the same time. In addition to the installation documents of programming software powerpro2.1.2, the contents of "HOLLIAS LM series PLC technical data disk" also include technical documents such as "HOLLIAS LM series PLC hardware manual", "HOLLIAS LM series PLC software manual", "HOLLIAS LM series PLC instruction manual", which is convenient for users to self-study and use LM series products, and understand the characteristics of this series of products, the use of software and programming skills. In addition, beginners can also practice programming by themselves and truly experience the fun of powerpro programming by learning the contents of "example explanation of programming software powerpro" and "video teaching of programming software powerpro" in the CD

2008 LM series PLC new product recommendation

in 2008, Hollysys will also launch several new products to meet the needs of different applications. Among them, lm3331 module is a high-performance product integrating 6-channel analog input, 2-channel analog output and 1-channel UART communication. Its energetic materials (industrial explosives, detonators, explosive products) can not only complete the input processing of V voltage signal, ma current signal, but also complete the processing of V output signal, but also realize rs232/rs485 multiplexing, with surge protection function, and the system is not isolated from the site. Please pay attention to the release of new products in 2008

please remember our fast service channel

in order to better interact with the majority of users, Hollysys has built a good communication platform on the company's website. Welcome to the company's website to learn about products. At present, powerpro2.1.2 software has begun to provide network downloads, which can be downloaded by logging in to Hollysys company station and major industrial control portal stations

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