In 2008, the power transformer industry was fierce

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In 2008, the competition in the power transformer industry was fierce

due to the continuous development of household appliances and electronic equipment, you don't know how to install and operate the concrete pressure testing machine (do you want to choose the Leeb hardness tester), high-frequency, low loss, small size, low price power supply | voltage regulator transformer has become the darling of the market, and the market prospect of high-voltage power transformer is encouraging. Production automation is one of the important focuses of the main lubrication system pipeline leading to the rotating joints and moving parts that power transformer manufacturers pay attention to. Because of the fierce competition and the reduction of production costs, manufacturers of power transformer products all over the world have transferred some of their production tasks to their overseas production bases, especially in Chinese Mainland. It can be seen that the market competition of power transformer products in the future will be more intense and brutal

at present, China's power transformer industry is facing a crisis of rising raw materials. The rise of raw materials has brought great fluctuations to the power transformer industry, which has been developing steadily, and also made the development of some small and medium-sized enterprises more difficult

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