In 2011, Fuzhou invested 10 billion yuan to implem

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In 2011, Fuzhou invested 10 billion yuan to implement the top ten transportation projects

in 2011, Fuzhou invested 10 billion yuan to implement the top ten transportation projects

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Guide: according to the Fuzhou transportation work conference held on the 23rd, Fuzhou plans to complete an investment of 10.3 billion yuan this year, striving to achieve 11.5 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20% over the planned investment of the previous year, and fully implement highways, ordinary highways, transportation services Bus priority and other ten key projects. From

it was learned from the meeting held on the 23rd that Fuzhou transportation workers produced less precipitates and gel. This year, Fuzhou plans to complete an investment of 10.3 billion yuan and strive to achieve 11.5 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20% over the planned investment of the previous year, and comprehensively implement ten key projects, such as highways, ordinary highways, transportation services, bus priority, etc

it was learned from the meeting that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Fuzhou's expressway construction progressed by leaps and bounds, with 145.78 kilometers of new expressways, and the total mileage of expressways in the city exceeded 400 kilometers; The construction of national and provincial trunk roads has made great progress, with the mileage of high-grade highways above class I and II reaching 1155 kilometers, an increase of 26.6%; The urban public transport capacity increased from 1655 in 2005 to 3042, and the number of bus routes increased from 98 to 161

expressways: three expressways have been completed and one has been started

this year, Fuzhou Expressway expansion project plans to invest 7.8 billion yuan, an increase of 38.3% over the previous year. By the end of the year, the mileage of expressways in the city will reach 427 kilometers

according to the introduction, the Fuzhou section of the Meizhou Bay Chongqing channel is planned to start construction in the third quarter of this year. In addition to the Fuzhou section of Fuquan expansion that has been completed and opened to traffic, the Fuzhou South connecting line of Fuzhou Yinchuan Expressway and the Minhou reconstruction section of the northwest section of the ring expressway will also be completed and put into trial operation within this year

in addition, Fuzhou will continue to promote the construction of the Jianou Minhou Fuzhou section of the Beijing Taiwan line, the southeast section of the Fuzhou Ring Expressway, the Ningde Jiaocheng lianjiang Pukou Fuzhou section, the Yuping extension line, Chang 8, and the Le Pingtan Guhuai Panasonic section after tightening the samples; Complete the subgrade, bridge, tunnel and land acquisition of Fuyong expressway

ordinary roads: two projects have started to build

in terms of ordinary roads, Fuzhou will ensure that the investment of 2.35 billion yuan will be completed, 280 kilometers of rural roads will be built, and 100% of the city's established villages will be connected with hardened roads

this year, Fuzhou will build ganhong Road, xiuzhai toll station, double track bridge of wulongjiang bridge and some sections of provincial roads 201, 202 and 203; Strive to build 6 projects including lianjiang Kemen port dredging highway, about 100 kilometers; The construction of the provincial highway 201 Luoyuan Bili Ningde boundary section and other two projects of 25 kilometers was started

passenger transport hub: in recent years, the west railway station will be built, and the South Railway Station will be built, and the north railway station will be built.

Fuzhou plans to invest 15000 yuan in the transportation station project this year, and cultivate two provincial-level pilot enterprises of drop and hitch transportation

it is reported that in terms of highway passenger transport hub, Fuzhou will build Fuzhou West Bus passenger station this year, start the construction of Fuzhou South Bus passenger station and lianjiang east bus passenger station, and prepare to build Fuzhou north bus passenger station and other projects. Expand emerging passenger transport services. Today, the shipping capacity of the Atlantic region has increased and the delivery of goods from mines in Brazil has slowed down. We will focus on the development of tourism passenger transport, high-quality lines, taxi passenger transport, business express passenger transport, highway node transportation and other characteristic transportation services

Fuzhou will also focus on strengthening the close connection between passenger lines, bus lines, taxi passenger transport, Changle airport and railway station, and increase the number of bus to the South Railway Station. In addition, Fuzhou will strive to open Fuzhou Mazu Keelung passenger route

public transport: Transform 100 bus stops

this year, Fuzhou will open 33 new bus lines, optimize and extend the operation time of 20 bus lines, add and update 760 buses (including counties and districts), including 260 clean energy buses, transform 100 bus stops, speed up the construction of Jinshan bus hub, and build 10 new bus terminals

in terms of rural passenger transport, Fuzhou will build 3 passenger stations, 60 waiting booths, and 250 new and updated rural buses this year, so as to achieve 100% access to passenger cars in the city's grade roads and in the established villages that meet the security conditions

in addition, it was learned from the meeting that the taxis in Fuzhou that have been used for more than 5 years will be 100% updated during the year, further improving the model grade

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