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China Mobile and CCTV jointly promote TV stations

June 30 news today, CCTV and China Mobile have carried out strategic cooperation to jointly operate China television. Industry insiders believe that this is a key step in the three convergence, which is of exemplary significance for the cooperation between operators and content providers. The two sides will form a strong combination of complementary advantages. China Mobile's 600million users are expected to become the earliest beneficiaries of the real three convergence business in this cooperation

previously, Luo Ming, the president and deputy director of CCTV, said that in 2011, CCTV will focus on the development and transformation from traditional media to both traditional media and new media. New media and traditional media will be planned and operated in a unified manner, and Chinese TV stations will be officially launched to expand and strengthen IP TV and mobile TV services. In addition, CCTV will continue to accelerate the development of new media this year, improve the global online video distribution system, form a full-time, all media, multi terminal, three-dimensional online video transmission pattern, and open high-speed rail, subway, buildings, squares and other mobile TV channels

in recent years, radio and television operators and telecommunications operators have adopted two-way entry in business cooperation in terms of three integration, and there has been no lack of precedent before. On December 11, 2006, China Mobile, China Unicom and CCTV jointly launched the TV business. The signing and opening ceremony was held at CCTV. Xi Guohua, the then Vice Minister of the Ministry of information industry, the state's deputy director general of the State Administration of radio, film and television, Wang Jianzhou, the president of CCTV and the president of China Mobile, and relevant leaders of the Central Propaganda Department and the foreign propaganda office attended the opening ceremony. On the streaming media business platform, China Mobile and CCTV jointly launched the "CCTV handheld computer tensile testing machine host and auxiliary equipment design machine TV" service to customers. The TV services include live video of the game and wonderful video on demand and download services

apart from the cooperation with CCTV, China Mobile has also made some explorations in content operation and cooperation. In 2007, Shanghai Wenguang "TV station", which specially produces and broadcasts programs for TV, began broadcasting through China Mobile in response to this situation. In 2009, Xinhua News Agency TV station and China Mobile will jointly launch a large-scale live TV report on the 60th anniversary of the national day, "National Day". Wu Jincai, vice president of Xinhua news agency and chairman of Xinhua Video Television Co., Ltd., believes that expanding new media businesses at home and abroad is a revolutionary move to adapt to the market by adopting all digital pulse control

it is still worth mentioning that in June 2006, China Mobile acquired 19.9% shares of Phoenix Satellite TV at the price of HK $1.3 per share, involving HK $1.2 billion, becoming the second largest shareholder of Phoenix Satellite TV. Lu Xiangdong, vice president of China Mobile, served as the non-executive director of Phoenix Satellite TV. On March 24 last year, Phoenix Satellite TV announced the appointment of Li Yue, the then deputy general manager of China Mobile, as a non-executive director of the company, and Lu Xiangdong has resigned as a non-executive director of the company. On August 19, five months later, Sha Yuejia, deputy general manager of China Mobile Communications Corporation, became a non-executive director of Phoenix Satellite TV, and Li Yue, general manager of China Mobile, resigned as a non-executive director of Phoenix Satellite TV

at the same time, China Mobile also strongly supports CMMB on TD terminals. At last year's Communication Exhibition, the communication world learned that CMMB has become the standard configuration of TD terminals. Communication world

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