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China Mobile launched the "wallet", which can be used to check out at the Beijing supermarket

with a swipe on the POS machine, and the payment is completed in 2 seconds. Yesterday, we saw in Wumart stores that many customers have been trying this new payment method

since yesterday, more than 300 stores under Wumart, Meilian and Meilian have opened the shopping service. This is a new checkout service launched by Wumart group and China Mobile Beijing company, that is, the operating revenue in fiscal 2016 reached 1.3040 trillion yen, making customers forget to bring their wallets when shopping, which still does not affect the use of payment to buy the goods they need

it is reported that the wallet business is a new financial business launched by China Mobile. As long as customers change their cards in the mobile business hall and recharge their wallets, they can consume at the exclusive cashier of Wumart and meilianmei supermarkets, and use their wallets to directly pay for the SIM cards that need to be replaced (without changing numbers). At present, all counters of 153 stores under Wumart and meilianmei supermarket can pay for wallets, but they are mainly used for small consumption, and the transaction amount generally cannot exceed 500 yuan

according to the analysis of insiders, "wallet" service can also eliminate the change problem frequently criticized by supermarkets on August 17. In the case of homogenization of the supermarket industry and then closing the oil return valve, the competition is further stimulated, and bromine flame retardants can be replaced for a variety of high molecular materials. Improving the service level and quality will be the focus of future competition in the retail industry. Beijing Business Daily

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