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China Mobile joins hands with H3C to promote sdn/nfv business

at the sdn/nfv open source international seminar 2016 and the China Mobile open nfv laboratory partner signing ceremony, China Mobile and Hangzhou H3C Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as H3C) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking that China Mobile and H3C will deepen cooperation and innovation in the sdn/nfv field and promote the maturity and development of the sdn/nfv industry

this seminar was jointly sponsored by China Mobile and sdn/nfv industry alliance, imt2020 promotion group, China Academy of information and communications and China Communications Standardization Association. More than 100 industry experts gathered to discuss the construction of sdn/nfv open source community, the progress of open source projects and commercial deployment

at the meeting, China Mobile synchronously held a signing ceremony for open nfv lab partners to summarize the eight characteristics of Jinan experimental machine. With its innovation and leadership in the field of nfv, H3C has become a partner of China Mobile opnfv laboratory. It is also the only domestic manufacturer among the four manufacturers participating in the contract. Established in January 2015, China Mobile open nfv laboratory is the first open nfv laboratory in Asia, which can provide an international and open testing and verification environment for the industry

Martin Baumert, head of new market development in Southeast Asia of BASF, a new IT foundation that respects intellectual property protection and is a leader in China, said that as an infrastructure leader, H3C has actively invested in the sdn/nfv field, carried out extensive cooperation with the entire industry camp, and deeply participated in the sdn/nfv standardization and open source community work. He has worked with major operators to promote sdn/nfv standardization and further promote technological maturity, Promote the accelerated development of sdn/nfv industry

H3C believes that the cooperation with China Mobile open nfv laboratory is a new starting point. In the future, H3C will continue to strengthen the development of key sdn/nfv technologies and enhance its contribution to the work of the open source community. Through technological innovation and industrial cooperation, H3C hopes to make contributions to the global sdn/nfv technology and industrialization together with the partners of open nfv laboratory

H3C has always paid attention to the research and development and practice of sdn/nfv technology, and has been widely recognized by the industry. In December, 2015, at the second world interconnection conference held in Wuzhen, dozens of nfv equipment such as VSR and vbars were deployed and applied on a large scale, which is a powerful verification of the leading technical strength of H3C. It is believed that the cooperation between H3C and China Mobile open nfv laboratory can promote the further development of nfv/s Engel said that the network is similar to the DN technology of Fraunhofer Association in Germany, accelerate the commercial implementation, and promote the whole nfv/sdn to a higher level

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