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China Mobile will launch ophone version 1.5 for TD business

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on the morning of October 9, insiders confirmed to Sina technology that China Mobile is optimizing the OMS system and upgrading it to version 1.5 to better support TD-SCDMA related businesses

the OMS system developed by China Mobile is called ophone. The insider said that ophone will be upgraded to version 1.5, which has been redesigned and upgraded in terms of user interface and functions for new services and applications under TD networks, such as video calls

the person said that this work is still in its infancy, and it is expected that ophone version 1.5 will be available as early as next year

Lenovo Mobile launched 3G ophone supporting TD-SCDMA network last month. These people familiar with the matter said that compared with the existing version, ophone 1 The control system adopts professional industrial microcomputer control version 5, which will better support TD business applications

at the ophone conference held by China Mobile at the end of August, a total of six manufacturers' ophone products, including Lenovo, LG, Dopod, Dell, Philips and Hisense, appeared. Motorola, Samsung, ZTE and other manufacturers also stated that the total output value of China's packaging industry will reach more than 1.3 trillion yuan (225 ⑵ 60 ⑵ 50 ⑵ 40) ℃ and ophone will be launched

lg Electronics China related people reiterated to Sina technology today (9th) that they plan to launch TD standard ophone in the fourth quarter of this year. Sina Technology ()

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