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China Mobile strengthens the supervision of SP business and strictly prevents negative reports on March 15

as the March 15 consumer rights day is approaching, China Mobile recently asked SP multi-purpose material testing machine enterprises to start business self-examination to avoid risks from all walks of life in sensitive periods such as March 15

it was learned that China Mobile will increase its business dial-up testing efforts in the near future, and seriously deal with the violations found. For the events that will be exposed during March 15 when the concentration of the media industry will be increased, the companies involved will close their business ports

it is also understood that during March 15 every year, China Mobile will strengthen the quality monitoring of dream business, pay close attention to the standardization of dream market, and the use of such TPE materials can not only greatly improve the productivity operation, but also take emergency measures to deal with dream business complaints: during this period, if it is found and confirmed that there are violations such as forced ordering, arbitrary charging, fraudulent publicity caused by partners, the relevant business will be suspended immediately, To prevent negative media reports

a week before March 15, China Mobile once again announced the blacklist of default assessment as of March 9, 2011. And warned all partners to "standardize business operations, create a favorable development environment, and establish an industry image of honest service."

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