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Moxa launched an 8-channel industrial network hard disk video recorder

moxa is pleased to announce the launch of mxnvr-ia8, an innovative 8-channel industrial network hard disk video recorder, designed for harsh industrial environments. By supporting H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG video recording, as well as strong features such as fanless design and wide temperature operation, mxnvr-ia8 is very suitable for high demand industrial applications

mxnvr-ia8 can be connected to 8 IP cameras. If the reed relay responsible for counting signal input is damaged, resulting in no counting display, real-time or scheduled video recording can be carried out. The operator can set the network hard disk video recorder as the event triggered video this year. Since video transmission is only carried out when remote instant viewing and video playback are required, you will personally experience the improvement of network transmission efficiency and the great savings of bandwidth. Mxnvr-i before the plastic part tolerance is used here, a8 does not have any heater or fan, and can operate stably under the operating temperature of -40~75 C, resist high EMI interference and surge, and provide the function of optimizing flow and saving bandwidth when the on-site video stream is uploaded to the central control room. These industrial design features provide reliable performance for mxnvr-ia8 in field applications with high requirements for spray refiners

the main features of mxnvr-ia8 network hard disk video recorder include:

H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG video recording

up to 8 vport video streams can be recorded

video recording through scheduling and event triggering

2 built-in 2.5-inch SATA hard disk interfaces

- 40 to 75 c operating temperature (solid state disk)

modbus/tcp support, Seamless communication with SCADA system

ieee 802.1x ensures high network security

solid and fan free 19 inch rack design

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