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Taiwan moon cake dressing four Mid Autumn Festival gift box packaging 80% unqualified

the picture shows the illegal gift box packaging of restaurants and businesses by the environmental protection department. (Taiwan's "China Times" photo)

Taiwan, China, China, September 14, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's "Environmental Protection Agency" announced the results of the Mid Autumn Festival gift box packaging survey yesterday (13th), and found that the rate of over packaging of moon cakes in five-star hotels reached two-thirds, one of which was the most exaggerated. The packaging alone had four layers, and the volume of moon cakes was less than one tenth of the gift box. The results of the 2005 Mid Autumn Festival gift box packaging survey show that the over packaging of processed food gift boxes is the most serious, with about 80% of them unqualified, including chicken essence, bird's nest and North-South groceries (such as abalone slices and scallops). Welcome to call us! Unit price 6. Gift box with high power cord and small product volume

the waste management department of Taiwan's "Environmental Protection Agency" said that most of these gift boxes will be broken by 3-point static bending load, the cushion frame will be high, and the size of the gift box will be expanded with partitions to enlarge the outer box, etc. the situation of false packaging is quite obvious. As for the wine gift box, it can be clearly seen that more than 80% of the packaging volume ratio exceeds the regulations, and most of them are gifts with a small volume for a single bottle of wine, plus padding expansion, resulting in excessive packaging. (volcano)

information source: strong dielectric resistance: Taiwan, China, China

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