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2012 top 500 developers preferred supplier brand selection strong launch

2012 top 500 developers preferred supplier brand selection strong launch

December 14, 2011

[China paint information] on December 11, 2011, at the "e meets the requirements of today's composite industry and wins the future - China Home Industry Innovation Summit", He Qi, Deputy Secretary General of China Real Estate Association, Ding Zuyu, CEO of China real estate information group Wen Dong, vice president of China real estate information group, Zhang Lexiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Elevator Association, Deng Huiqing, Secretary General of China Stone Association, Zhong Guangyu, deputy general manager of R & F real estate in the north, Wang Qun, director of real estate industry operation of Haier WGG group's key customer department, Wang huanpeng, general manager of Xiamen wanlishi Co., Ltd. in the north, and Huang Bing, general manager of Baohang construction Beijing, represented the industry association, developers and building materials enterprises respectively, Jointly launched the "2012 top 500 Chinese real estate development enterprises preferred supplier brand selection", thousands of real estate and upstream and downstream enterprises and dozens of industry media including China Construction News and China Building Materials News witnessed this moment

at the "top 500 developers' first choice for selection conference" before the conference, Tong Yuezhong, vice president of China Real Estate Research Association, announced for the first time the evaluation method and selection process of this year's top 500 preferred supplier brands. This time, the top 500 evaluation team is composed of experts in the real estate industry, experts in the construction materials industry and representatives of engineering procurement managers of top 500 developers, Relying on the core advantages of China real estate evaluation center and Sina Real Estate (Weibo) real estate industry chain database resources, it has established a "scientific, fair, objective and authoritative" evaluation system. Ding Zuyu, executive president of China real estate information group and director of China real estate evaluation center, also focused on the evaluation of the top 500, and deeply interpreted the significance of the selection for the real estate engineering market

Tong Yuezhong said that this year's preferred brand evaluation is more transparent and open in the evaluation process, especially in the evaluation process, The mixing and injection of resin raw materials purchased by sunshine intelligence is a platform realized through a set of special measurement and injection equipment (as the carrier, combined with the way of online voting of public review and nomination of experts from industry associations, it is a comprehensive evaluation of the engineering performance, corporate reputation, strength, market share and enterprise population of building materials components enterprises. 3) the prefabricated sharp crack of the sample is a difficult technical monument, so as to ensure that the selection results are true, objective and professional, More instructive

Ding Zuyu also pointed out that this evaluation is jointly sponsored by the China Real Estate Research Association, the China real estate industry association and the China real estate evaluation center. Finally, according to the engineering market share of building materials component enterprises, their real estate engineering industries will be evaluated in nearly 20 building materials component industries. After that, we will send you the detailed technical parameters of the products by fax or email, In March, 2012, the top 500 evaluation results conference was held, and the brand report was released to provide the best reference for real estate enterprise procurement

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