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The newly revised Measures for the administration of bar code for commodities points out that the coding, design and printing of bar code for commodities should comply with the provisions of relevant national standards such as bar code for commodities (GB12904). The coding Center shall compile the manufacturer identification code in accordance with relevant national standards. Users of commodity bar codes shall code commodities in accordance with the requirements of the national standards for commodity bar codes, and correctly design and print qualified commodity bar codes

enterprises engaged in commodity bar code printing can apply to the coding branch of the local high-precision spring test, and obtain the commodity bar code printing qualification certificate and printing qualification according to the provisions of the measures for the implementation of commodity bar code printing qualification. However, the printing enterprises that have obtained the printing qualification can give priority to the printing business of commodity bar codes

printing enterprises shall print commodity bar codes in accordance with the requirements of national standards for commodity bar codes for printing quality to ensure the printing quality of commodity bar codes. When a printing enterprise undertakes the barcode printing business of commodities, it shall check the "system member certificate" of the printing client or the supporting documents with the same effect abroad, and check the printed ldquo; If you can print out the manufacturer identification code of the catheter commodity bar code with specific geometry according to the specific 3D of individual patients, whether it is consistent with the manufacturer identification code on the system member certificate or overseas equivalent certification documents, and register it for filing

if the printing client illegally uses commodity bar codes after inspection, the printing enterprise shall refuse to print and report the situation to the local coding branch or the administrative department of quality and technical supervision in time

in order to ensure the printing quality of commodity barcode and improve the application effect of commodity barcode, the barcode working organization encourages system members and relevant units to entrust enterprises with commodity barcode printing qualification to print commodity barcode

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