Protective measures for edge opening

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Protective measures for edge openings

1. Project overview

phase III installation of basement, 13#, 14# buildings in fangmeixianshan residential area in Chengdong area of Quanzhou city is invested and supported by Quanzhou urban construction state owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd. and designed by Zhongyuan International Engineering design and Research Institute. The project is located in the south of Meixian in the west of Chengdong Street office, Fengze District, Quanzhou, with a total construction area of 92850.90 m2. The construction area of the middle 14# building is 22137.73 m2, the construction area of the 14# building is 55943.52 m2, and the construction area of the basement is 14769.65 M2. The first floor underground and the twenty-five to twenty-seven floors above the ground will be built with a height of 81.10m. Among them, the first and second floors above the 13# ground are market and supporting houses, the first, second and third floors above the ground of the 14th# building are market, and the other floors are rooms. The ground floor is a garage and equipment room, which is used as a decoration office for level 6 staff in wartime

2. The style is based on

1. Construction treaties and drawings

2. Enron production law of the people's Republic of China

3. The industrial standard of the people's Republic of China, the Enron technical standard for high altitude homework in construction (JGJ)

4. Standard for safe inspection of construction (JGJ) and mandatory provisions of engineering support standard

5. Relevant regulations such as the management standard of si'enron

3, "four openings" protection requirements

(I) stair opening protection

stair opening protection shall be stopped with the construction progress of the main body, and the scaffolder shall stop protection in time after formwork removal. The staircase entrance shall be provided with protective carved fence, which shall be composed of upper and lower cross bars and carved fence columns. The height of the upper bar from the ground is 1.2m and the lower bar from the ground is 0.6m. When the length of the cross bar is greater than 2m, carved fence columns must be added. Stair entrance protection: (1) all stairs must be provided with Enron protective bars, and Enron shall be set according to the detailed environment of the construction site. (2) Steel pipes or qualified moso bamboos can be used to erect the data of guardrails. When the space between the running edges of stairs is large, Enron or two protective guardrails shall be set, with the height of 40cm and 90cm

(II) elevator wellhead protection

the elevator wellhead shall be provided with a solid gate and steel pipe carved fence. The spacing of the gate grid shall not be greater than 15cm, and the height shall be greater than 1.2m. A bamboo fence shall be set on each floor of the elevator shaft for degree protection, and the gap with the shaft wall shall not be greater than 10cm. Elevator entrance protection: (1) a Enron protective barrier shall be set at the height of 40cm and 120cm from the floor, and Enron marks shall be hung at the eye-catching place of the entrance. (2) Two can also be placed horizontally in the wall at the elevator entrance φ 6 or φ The steel bar above 8mm shall replace the rail, or one shall be set in the surface of the wall at the opening φ 48mm steel pipe, use No. 10 lead wire to twist the two steel pipes firmly at the hole and act as a protective barrier. (3) When entering the elevator shaft for construction, safe and reliable protective doors or other effective methods must be set at the door of the elevator shaft. (4) An Enron shall be set every two floors in the elevator shaft, or bamboo fences shall be laid on each floor, and the roots of sundries in the elevator shaft shall be broken in time

(III) reserved holes, pits and wells protection

holes with side length of 25 ~ 50cm and holes of prefabricated components (water and electricity pipes) shall be covered with formwork and fixed on the floor with cement nails; Openings with side length of 50 ~ 150cm must be set with steel pipes buckled by fasteners, and bamboo fence boards shall be paved on them. Before pouring and tamping concrete, the reinforcement in the slab can be used to penetrate the hole diameter without cutting the reinforcement to form a protective grid of 15cm. For the opening with side length of more than 150cm, protective carved fence shall be set around the opening, and the opening shall be set safely and horizontally under the opening. Two protective carved fences shall be set around the foundation pit according to the edge protection requirements, and the steel pipe shall be driven 50 ~ 70cm deep into the sky. The distance between the steel pipe and the edge shall not be less than 50cm. Pit and aisle protection: (1) two protective barriers shall be set around the pit, with a height of 40cm and can still maintain excellent mechanical properties of 100cm after thousands of steam sterilization. Handrails and anti-skid measures shall be used for pedestrian ramps, and red lights shall be set at entrances and exits at night. Pile holes with a diameter (or side length) of more than 50cm and concrete cup-shaped foundation shall also be protected. (2) During the construction, the entrances and exits on the bottom floor of the building and the aisles must be provided with protective sheds, and the width of the sheds should be larger than that of the crossing

(IV) passage opening protection

the passage opening shall be set according to the actual environment of the project, and a double-layer protective shed shall be set above the passage opening (see the scaffold construction organization design for the treatment of door opening). The erection of the project shall be stopped according to 6m, the width of the protective shed shall be 50cm wider than both sides of the passage opening, and two protective carved fences shall be set on both sides of the protective shed and sealed safely with dense mesh type. Safe protection of derrick access opening and both sides: (1) the appropriate scaffold board or bamboo fence shall be selected at the derrick access opening, and its width must be greater than the width of the opening. The scaffold board shall be laid horizontally, and its laying points are many than one board and three ridges. (2) On both sides of the derrick access opening, two protective carved fences with a height of 40cm and 100cm must be set. According to the site environment, bamboo fence can also be used as enclosure protection. (3) The derrick must be enclosed on three sides. And splicing are considerate to prevent falling objects from hurting people. A safety door or protective door shall be set at the derrick opening. The safety door can be a sliding door, an opening door or a promotion door

4, "five edge" edge protection

1. The edge protection of the floor (including the balcony) shall be erected with the main construction, and double rows of external scaffolds shall be set up as the protective frame (in the main construction stage), which shall be hung outside for safe and completely closed construction. The perimeter of the second floor with the height of the first floor wall exceeding and the perimeter of the floor without external scaffold "all the floors with the degree of government process exceeding must be safely leveled at the core. The Enron protection of the balcony side: (1) when the barrier can be installed with the floor, the barrier shall be installed according to the floor. (2) The side of the balcony railing is not installed. If there is an external scaffold during construction, the external scaffold shall be reduced with the reduction of the building and 1.5m higher than the working surface. The distance between the internal upright and the balcony edge is not more than 20cm, and the protective carving around the balcony is 3.5m The tortuous process needs to be carried out in a stable movement, and the fence should be bound on the vertical pole of the scaffold. (3) When there is no external scaffold on the side without balcony bar and there is no external scaffold during construction, a protective carved fence can be set at the height of 40cm and 100cm from the floor, and its firm point can be connected with the reserved reinforcement in the wall or set Enron. The bottom of Enron must be closed with the balcony side. Enron protection around the roof: (1) two Enron protection carved fences shall be set around the flat roof without parapet, with the height of 40cm and 100cm, and the vertical pole shall be firm and stable. (2) Protective fence shall be erected around the water tank and water tower on the roof

2. For the construction elevator and well frame unloading platform, in addition to the protective carvings on both sides, the platform opening shall also be equipped with Enron door (see the installation (removal) scheme of construction elevator and derrick for details). The stair opening and stair section edge of layered construction must be equipped with guardrails, and the stair opening on the top floor shall be equipped with formal protective carved fences as the project layout progress. Protective barriers must be set on both sides of the passage between the derrick, construction elevator, scaffold and buildings. Enron protective shed shall be installed on the upper part of the air passage, and the middle of the passage of double cage derrick shall be closed separately. V. in addition to the protective carved railings on both sides of various vertical transportation receiving platforms, the platform mouth shall also be provided with Enron door or movable protective carved railings. Frame layout and surrounding protection: (1) when the external scaffold is used for construction, the scaffold shall be higher than the operation surface and an operation platform shall be set inside. The shelf internal file and the main layout shall be sealed with Enron interval in empty space. (2) Two protective carved fences with the height of 40cm and 100cm shall be set up around the floor without enclosure and retaining wall by steel pipe or moso bamboo. Or set up Enron protection, and the full bottom must be closed with the edge of the floor

3. For inclined roof construction, the outer frame shall exceed the roof by 1.5m

4. The balcony material platform and cantilever platform without carved fence or breast board around the foundation pit, the roof and floor without external scaffold around the canopy and cornice, and the periphery of water tank and water tower must be provided with protective carved fence


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