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Project Name: OULIN bay house type, four bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, with a building area of 169 square meters, design style, European style, cost of 80000 cases, provide Aohua decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd.


luxury? Yes, it is luxurious, but it is not publicized. It is like a rare sapphire, which shines faintly. comfortable? Yes, it's comfortable, but it takes time to taste it slowly and taste the elegance in the details. This is the first feeling of stepping into the Aohua eurin bay model room

the designer is a young and fashionable professional woman. Her 12 years of rich design experience makes her better understand how to use her profession to realize customers' dreams of home. She introduced to us that based on the classical European style, this case uses simple lines instead of complex patterns, and adopts more lively and fresh colors, which not only retains the elegance and luxury of the classical European style, but also adapts to the leisure and comfort of modern life

Chris, the owner, is a person in the cultural circle. He has a refined temperament, understands art, and knows more about life. He said that his favorite is the two background walls between the living room and the restaurant, which are very creative and save space, so that the guest restaurant maintains a spacious spatial structure. The most surprising thing is that the two sides of the background wall use different texture materials, one side is wallpaper, the other side is silver mirror, forming a space atmosphere of two different styles

Chris said that he thought tasting red wine was a way of enjoying life, and he liked to enjoy the fun brought by red wine quietly. The design of this restaurant meets all his dreams of the restaurant, with a simple elegance

speaking of wine, I have to say that Lafite and wine critic Robert in 82? Parker. Lafite in 82 has a high reputation in the mainland. It seems that it has been synonymous with the rich. And about Robert? Parker, there was a saying in the wine circle that Parker can either make a French vineyard or destroy it

wallpaper is one of the most effective ways to create a space atmosphere. The designer said that the light tone and elegant wallpaper, set off by the light of high-end crystal lights, can better match the gorgeous feeling, and the mural at the end of the corridor is the finishing touch of space design

our demand for the bedroom is nothing more than comfort or comfort. For Chris, who pursues perfection and quality, he also hopes that the bedroom has a kind of lazy and gorgeous. Dark color soft bag, elegant wallpaper, European double bed, retro wall lamp, soft touch dark brown curtain... As long as you like, your life can be so gorgeous

the master bedroom separates the cloakroom, making the spatial structure layout more organized

due to the small bathroom area in the master bedroom, the designer chose light colored tiles to create a spacious atmosphere. Simple layout, but you can still see the intention of the design from the exquisite vanity mirror and ceiling

the interests in life are often reflected in the space, and Chris' home, like his person, is elegant and warm. Entering the children's room of Chris's house, the light blue walls and curtains came like wisps of breeze, which easily swept away the unforgettable haze in life. The bicycle in front of the table is a birthday gift Chris bought for his children, and the space is full of strong fatherly love

when decorating, we always hope to spend the least money to install the best quality home. Therefore, the guest room design is as simple and practical as possible, omitting the ceiling design and saving the overall cost, but still using the same simple and elegant wallpaper as the living room to set off the atmosphere of European design

the happiness of a home has nothing to do with the size of living space, but depends on how you treat life. Chris is talented and understands life very well, which can be seen from the piano, tropical aquarium, globe, famous massage chairs and computers in the study, as well as the books in the bookcase. I think a person who is so enthusiastic and positive about life must be happy

Chris said that although the couple didn't often cook at home, they didn't reduce the requirements for the cleanliness of the kitchen at all. Pure white cabinets, tiles and ceilings are carefully selected by them. The colors are coordinated and unified, and the light color tone makes the space appear more spacious

welcome the God of wealth at the entrance. The stone with the God of wealth pattern on the ground at the entrance makes us start to admire the designer's intention for details and control over home feng shui. Aohua, a European style home full of luxury, fashion and vitality, gives us a good interpretation of the charming effect brought by the design details, which is unforgettable for a long time

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