Aiger pink and white decoration theme style

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Pink and white are stitched together to create a warm and beautiful taste, which is clear and pleasant, just like first love, and injects a freshness and sweetness into the trivial life of husband and wife. Sing in front of the table, enjoy the stars and the moon on the balcony. The house is three parts of an acre in front of you, but life is not. For the bedroom space with limited shape, you can reflect the characteristics of the space in the choice of furniture. The pink furniture releases the taste of pinkpink to the bedroom, so that sweet love can accompany you to sleep. Pink and purple furniture is the most suitable for adolescent girls. The wardrobe and the bay window cabinet stand on both sides of the bed, and the small desk quietly waits for the master to leave school in the corner. Matching with the curtains of the same color system enhances the space atmosphere, and the pink and pink mood is slowly overflowing. As a parent, you should give your child a garden space. The study area with a narrow and square pattern is dominated by the trend of space and maintains the extensibility of the original space in the collocation of bookcases and decoration in the later stage. The same purple space is visually easy to make people tired, and then use white to neutralize, effectively reconcile the tone of the study, making it more fresh and natural. Poetry and distance are too far away, but home is something you can build now. Be kind to life and yourself! Scan and follow the eig public wechat





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