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On April 26, the 2016 innovative marketing full custody system launch meeting and new product launch conference of foos doors and windows officially opened! In 2016, voos made another great breakthrough in scale, production capacity and marketing

on April 26, foos doors and windows' 2016 innovative marketing - fully managed system launch meeting and new product launch conference (hereinafter referred to as "foos two meetings") was officially opened! In 2016, voos made another great breakthrough in scale, production capacity and marketing

On April 25, families from all over the country gathered at the Golden Sun Hotel, a five-star resort hotel, to wait for the start of the 2016 "two sessions of fouos"

On the morning of April 26, under the unified organization of the company, the national excellent representatives of foos doors and windows went to Sanshui new industrial park in Foshan to visit the construction site. A new modern garden style Industrial Park Rose. The huge scale, excellent design and magnificent momentum represent the Lingyun ambition of foos people. This industrial park will soon be put into production and operation, ushering in a new starting point for foos, Create new brilliance

opening of the conference - leadership speech

in the new year, foos doors and windows will be based in the door and window industry with a new attitude. General manager Pan, chairman of foos doors and windows, made an opening speech for the conference and made a marketing strategic plan for 2016 to the representatives of national excellent dealers

innovative marketing - fully managed system

this conference invited terminal guidance coaches in the field of China's home building materials industry, and the new generation of practical marketing trainers to do terminal training for representatives of national excellent dealers, introduce innovative marketing assistance system, and create a new business model

expectations -- new product unveiling

over the past 16 years, foos has adhered to innovation, adhered to the core values of people-oriented, self breakthrough, sustainable innovation and value sharing, promoted the development of the enterprise, and insisted on launching new products every year to meet market demand and promote the development of the industry

dealers set new models

FUOs' new products won the favor and unanimous praise of all dealers at this conference. FUOs also gave the dealers the greatest support in history, which made the dealer representatives overjoyed

group photo of the conference - keep time

in the afternoon of April 26, the dealer commendation conference was successfully held. Partners are the most cherished. With gratitude and integrity, we have created Ronggao's brilliance side by side with our partners. In the future, we will also work together to move forward to a new height

get together - join hands in a long voyage

on the evening of April 26, the thank you dinner was successfully held. Win at the terminal, innovate marketing, and sail hand in hand. After 16 years of honing, foos has made today's brilliant achievements, which can't be separated from the support of all families. The excellent representatives of foos all over the country are gathered again to sing together for foos's brilliant tomorrow, cheers





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