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Nowadays, the prices of hammock swings on the market are very chaotic, ranging from hundreds to thousands, and the styles of hammock swings are diverse, and the design is even more original. Simple, European style, it can be said that there are various styles, you can choose. There are also different materials, among which rattan weaving and iron art are the most used materials. Next, I will introduce the material of hammock swing and the selection of hammock swing

hammock swing material

1. It is woven by hand. It is made of environmental protection PE rattan, with wind resistance and sunscreen performance. The outside is made of metal frame, with good quality. Moreover, the height of the hammock can be adjusted and controlled freely, bringing you perfect comfort and adding vitality to the home

2. This hammock swing is made of international standards, which is safe and reliable. The iron pipe is thicker and more stable. And it is designed according to the comfort of the human body, so that you feel very comfortable sitting on it

3. This product is made of high-quality alloy steel, which can bear a lot of weight, has a unique structure, is very convenient to maintain, and is resistant to humidity. It has a fashionable and atmospheric appearance, and is firm and not afraid of extrusion

hammock swing purchase

1. Steel hammock swing selection: the hardness of steel is very high, and the appearance will be more beautiful than other swings. It can also adjust the length of iron chain according to the height of human body, so as to change the height of swing seat. The surface of the swing is coated with antirust paint, which can be better waterproof and suitable for outdoor use

2. Wooden hammock swing selection: generally, the outdoor wooden hammock swing will emit “ Creak creak ” Because of the friction between the rope and the wooden frame, it makes such a sound when it is not placed indoors

3. Selection of rattan hammock swing: the rattan woven by hand will be light in weight, and there is no paint on the surface, so don't be careful that the smell emitted by the paint will cause harm to human health, but without the protection of paint, the rattan swing can't be exposed to rain, so it is only suitable for indoor placement

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