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This case is a European style decoration case of two rooms and one living room of poly central residence. The hard decoration is designed by the decoration company, and the soft decoration part is bought by the owner. Although it is only a small 89 square meters, it is cleverly designed into a European style by the designer. 110000 hard clothes plus 150000 soft clothes cost a total of 260000. Although it is a little extravagant, the owner himself likes it very much

decoration owner files:

Community: Poly central residence (more decoration renderings of poly central residence) house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration style: European style decoration method: half package contract amount: 110000 decoration company: Decoration bidding

Design Description: due to the house type problem, the living room area is particularly large, while the bedroom is slightly small. So the designer worked hard on the layout of the living room. At the beginning, I originally wanted to install a modern style, but considering the size of the living room, I think European style is more appropriate. Modern style will appear in space, not good-looking, and can not reflect the warmth of home. Therefore, the owners insist on choosing European style. The price is a little expensive, but it's a kind of happiness to have such a warm home

I bought all the furniture in the living room in a furniture store in Chengdu, including sofa, tea table, TV cabinet and wine cabinet. In other spaces, there are wardrobe, bed and bedside cabinet, etc. the price is relatively low. Do you think this design is very luxurious? In fact, I tell you that the sofa in the living room is only 13800 yuan, and the brand name is Han Phil. I feel that the price of this sofa should be only more than 20000, But when I bought it back, it was a third less

I don't know collocation very well, so I have to ask others for help when I buy it. But to be honest, the designer's vision is still very good. With this sofa, it's not abrupt at all, and the style is relatively unified. If I choose it myself, I must choose something different

although the cabinet is not good-looking, it's all installed, so we can't just make it look bad, so we also made some decoration

for this kitchen, you can see that this tone doesn't mean anything lively, and it doesn't match the style of the living room. If the living room is elegant, then the kitchen is a place for dross

introduction to poly central residence community

poly central residence is the chief residence area of Nanhu Lake in Wuchang built by poly China. From Beijing, Shanghai to, poly insists on growing together with cities, gathers global strength development teams, and accelerates regional development from an international perspective. In the past 18 years, poly had 8 cities and 9 residences, which made the residence a standard setter. Relying on the convenient urban system, graceful environmental system, prosperous supporting system and classic architectural system... Poly Real estate, with its strong qualifications, has created a never before existed mansion area and constructed a respected and elegant "mansion area" residential style

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