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As we all know, mahogany furniture is deeply concerned and loved by the media and consumers because of its precious materials and its artistry and humanism. Good mahogany furniture can be collected as art. Let's introduce what is mahogany furniture and the knowledge summary of mahogany furniture

what is mahogany furniture:

unified technology, German scholar g· Ecke summed up the three basic rules for processing Mahogany furniture in the "map of Chinese rosewood furniture": Wood pins are not absolutely necessary; Try not to use glue where it can be avoided; There is no need to lathe anywhere. That is, without any nails and adhesives. Therefore, the obvious nationality in the shape and technology of mahogany furniture is the most attractive part for many collectors. Many people call mahogany furniture humanistic furniture and artistic furniture

rosewood furniture knowledge summary:

classification of rosewood furniture knowledge: rosewood furniture mainly refers to furniture made of red sandalwood, sour wood, ebony, rosewood, chicken wing wood, and others cannot be called rosewood furniture; Mahogany furniture can be divided into full mahogany furniture, main part mahogany furniture and mahogany covered furniture according to the material of products; Mahogany furniture can be classified into traditional hardwood furniture and modern hardwood furniture according to product technology

price of rosewood furniture knowledge: general price is the most concerned issue. The price of mahogany furniture also depends on the specific situation. Generally, the price of good and expensive mahogany furniture may be about 50000, and the price of cheap mahogany furniture is about 89000. Other prices fluctuate between these according to the material and type of rosewood furniture, which shows that the price of rosewood furniture is still very expensive

purchasing skills of rosewood furniture knowledge: if you are not familiar with rosewood furniture, you can first look at the texture when purchasing; Then smell the smell and see if there is a national standard report certificate; Then ask the price. Generally, there are no good goods for those that are too cheap, and those that are too expensive require signing contracts, invoicing and other procedures. Generally, it is best to choose a trustworthy business when shopping, and then make more comparisons

characteristics of mahogany furniture knowledge: Mahogany is characterized by its solemn color, fine and beautiful texture, hard and heavy wood, solid and durable. The authentic rosewood is red sandalwood, which is of the best quality. It is generally red. The wood is hard and heavy, and the wood grain is fine and oily. Buying skills with knowledge: if you are not familiar with mahogany furniture, you can first look at the texture when buying; Then smell the gas

brands of mahogany furniture knowledge: niannianhong, Cangyi mahogany, Laozhou mahogany, hongguxuan, Yonghua furniture, hongmahong, Dongda Yuyi, yuanhenry, Sangma, yizunxuan

editor's summary: what is mahogany furniture and mahogany furniture knowledge summary are introduced here. I hope it can help you. Please pay attention to more information




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