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Ximuole brought a number of new products to the 5th Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition. The high-quality products and strong brand effect make ximuole this exhibition favored by domestic appearance exhibitors, and the investment attraction achievements are considerable

on March 24-26, 2015, ximuole furniture from Singapore appeared at the 5th Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition. Ximuole has brought a series of new products such as glass cabinets, L-shaped cloakrooms, folding door closets, desk cabinets, TV cabinets, bookshelves, etc. the product style continues the characteristics of modernization and simplicity, and is favored by domestic appearance exhibitors

it is not the first time to successfully attract investment in the form of exhibition. Ximuole has made domestic appearance exhibitors know by participating in the global furniture and building materials exhibition. Its products are distributed in Germany, the United States, Australia, Russia, Japan, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other countries, and is known as the frame structure furniture with the largest sales volume in the world

as we all know, ximuole has no finished furniture. All products are customized, and the company provides free measurement and design to consumers. The design concept of the main pole frame is the main feature of ximuole products: Taking the main pillar, clothes hanging pole, laminate, drawer, cabinet and other functional units as standard components, it is completed according to different configurations. Based on this design concept, all components can be matched at will, which is similar to building blocks, and become products of different styles and functions, with high plasticity





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