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On March 21, 1500 partners gathered at the agixin Partner Conference

cti Forum (ctiforu recorded data m) (Guo Jia): on March 20, 2013, the largest partner event in the history of agixin was held in Shanghai. It is a conference that connects the past and ushers in the future in the history of agixin. It is of great significance. More than 1500 partners and industry authoritative experts from all over the country attended the conference. The breakthrough and industry experience of the industry as these "big brand" raw material suppliers were shared on site. Finally, industry experts made a prospect for the ICT industry trend. Agixin showed the participants its development achievements in the past year with an open attitude, shared and discussed the promotion of ICT industry development, as well as agixin's future channel development strategy and product planning, interpreted all the channel and marketing strategies, and expressed its vision of becoming a market leader in the ICT industry

Agilent solutions and MKT director huzhonghua shared the new achievements of Huawei's enterprise business product research and development with partners on the spot, and discussed the development trend and technical concept of ICT industry in the new era, as well as the large-scale experiments (random inspection of production lines is added to recycled plastics). Huawei's enterprise business needs to make use of its own advantages to better meet the needs of users and help the enterprise improve its competitiveness; In terms of strategy, in order to better meet the needs of customers and provide customers with products, solutions and services, the strategy of enterprise business is to focus on ICT pipelines and value industries, and insist on being integrated for a long time. Work with partners to build a good ecological environment and provide better product solutions and services for end customers

the agixin partnership plan issued by the conference was highly praised by everyone. In a keynote speech, shensurong, director of agixin's channel department, introduced that agixin should establish an open, fair, sunny and transparent policy. All processes have been simplified and optimized this year and are more based on cooperation

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