The hottest 14 day contract trend was different, a

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On the 14th, the contract trend was different, and the decline of natural rubber volume was postponed.

natural rubber model: WDL ⑴ 000 glue:

the quotation of Thai raw rubber market fell back, falling below 83 baht, and the transaction was stable. Near the listing of new rubber, the high price makes the rubber producing countries and regions wait and see, and may fall further in the future. The price of Japanese rubber opened lower and went higher, and the futures price was maintained in the downward channel, often after recycling once. Recently, the position of Japanese rubber began to shrink, and the turnover gradually declined. In the future, there is the possibility of another 260 yen support. In the domestic market, there is still no obvious transaction on the spot. The pending order is maintained at yuan. In recent months, the decline of 804 contract was limited, holding steady at 21800 yuan, much higher than the main 807 contract. At present, the atmosphere of the Tianjiao market has changed. Although the inventory of Shanghai glue decreased significantly again last Friday, and the inventory of Qingdao bonded warehouse continued to be consumed due to the upside down of internal and external disks, it could not be a favorable support. The focus of the market has shifted from inventory reduction to concerns about the listing of new rubber. In terms of price comparison between internal and external markets, due to the upside down of internal and external markets and the upside down of domestic market, there is limited room for further decline of domestic futures prices according to the cultural cooperation agreement, scientific and technological cooperation plan, educational exchange and cooperation plan signed by the two governments. In the future, it is expected that the decline of Japanese rubber will exceed that of Shanghai rubber, and the external market will not fall. At present, the price structure has been reversed. In the near future, new rubber will gradually become the focus of market speculation. Focus on the conversion of recent hype focus

Solutions for efficient molding and improving gross profit

technically, the positions of futures and prices are reduced within a day, and the futures and prices are opened at low prices and set at high prices. Low level oscillation, with funds moving to the distant month. The intra day turnover shrank slightly compared with the previous period, but it was still at an absolute high level, and the position decreased. During the day, most commodities rebounded with agricultural products, and the front short funds began to leave the market. As a whole, it is likely to rebound slightly under the pull of short covering in recent months, with a high degree of optimism. The first goal is 21500 and the second goal is 22000. The far month contract is expected to restrict the rebound height

in operation, empty orders continue to be held. The rebound is over, and the idea of short selling at high prices

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