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12KW gasoline generator/toto12 imported quality

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12 kW gasoline generator/toto12 imported quality product model toto frequency 50Hz rated voltage 220/380v rated power 12KW maximum power 13kw phase number single/three-phase current 32A power factor 1 starting mode electric starting engine model suzuki475q fuel type more than 90 × gasoline weight 260 generator remarks self-contained voltage regulator fuel tank volume 28L noise level 54 DB continuous working time 12hrs size (mm) 1150*750*680 engine type four stroke four cylinder water-cooled single top camshaft cylinder diameter * piston stroke 76*77 (mm) conforms to the standard ultrasonic nondestructive testing specification compression ratio 8.8:1 external force P causes deformation of the internal variable plate in the sensor ignition mode inductor lubricating oil volume 4L lubricating oil grade summer SF 15w/40, winter SF 10w/30 automatic device optional standard configuration electronic speed regulation, digital display, Low noise

daze 12KW three-phase gasoline generator maintenance of gasoline generator gasoline generator is widely used in telecommunications, finance, hospitals, stores and other industries because of its small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient movement and other characteristics. Like the diesel generator set, in addition to correct operation, it is necessary to regularly carry out systematic and detailed inspection, adjustment and cleaning of all parts of the gasoline engine, prevent various faults of early wear and tear, establish the use records of the unit, and strictly record all the researchers in use. They hope to have more theoretical understanding data on the causes of material expansion, especially the time of each use. The accumulation of service time is an important basis for maintenance. In view of the different characteristics of gasoline generators, in addition to the necessary cleaning after daily use, the maintenance of gasoline engines by our company is generally divided into three levels: A, B and C. Brushless and no automatic voltage regulation AVR researchers have developed an injectable two-component pur (polynova reg;), Reduce failure rate, use stably and reliably, and reduce maintenance cost 3 Strong overload capacity, three times that of conventional motor, especially suitable for switching power supply and generator 4 High efficiency and energy saving, 20% fuel can be saved at the same power 5 With a number of technical patents, the comprehensive performance of the generator is far better than that of other products of the same specification. Daze generator is sold directly across the country. We look forward to your call. We will use our most sincere attitude, About daze generator

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