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The 14T dd145 heavy-duty double steel wheel vibratory roller is specially tailored for the Chinese market

14t dd145 heavy-duty double steel wheel vibratory roller is specially tailored for the Chinese market

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dd145 double steel wheel vibratory roller combines large-diameter steel wheels with strong exciting force to ensure compaction and compaction flatness

based on the needs of Chinese customers, the new dd145 double drum vibratory roller adopts mature technology and integrates ingenious new machine design. This roller adopts large diameter steel wheels with a width of 2135mm, and is equipped with a powerful vibration excitation system to provide high-pressure compaction efficiency. It is also equipped with a steel wheel impact interval table, which is designed to assist the driver to achieve the target compaction degree at the ideal compaction speed and ensure the smoothness of compaction at the same time

dd145 adopts fork frame design, so that the steel wheel outrigger provides sufficient side ground clearance, so that the machine can achieve edge compaction while avoiding damage to side structures while self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof coiled material jc840 ⑴ 999. When compacting on curves and edges, with the staggered wheel function on the steering hinge of the machine body, the machine will not damage the kerb when driving away from curves and kerb edges

dd145 is equipped with Volvo engine which can provide high torque output at low speed to ensure that it can provide excellent performance output while minimizing noise and fuel consumption. The standard configuration of the steel wheel automatic sprinkler system can adjust the sprinkler volume according to the compaction speed, so as to optimize the sprinkler volume. The sprinkler system also includes a triple filtration design and a standby water pump, which means that 2. the working principle of the tension machine can enable the standby water pump to continue construction even when the main water pump fails

ideal choice, there is no doubt that

dd145 has a wide field of vision, clearly arranged control devices and safety functions, providing an efficient working environment for drivers. Safety functions include three-point access, anti-skid foot pedal, high visibility armrest and driver seat detection switch

the control devices are arranged near the driver's seat and easy to use to reduce the driver's operating fatigue. The multi-functional display with backlight and the functional keyboard are within reach, enabling the driver to spend more time observing the key projects ahead: COFCO Biochemical Co., Ltd. plans to invest 851million yuan in the 30000 ton polylactic acid product project; Changchun bicecheng biomaterials Co., Ltd. plans to invest 174million yuan in the 60000 ton biological thermoplastic composite materials and products project; Changchun Shengda biomaterials Co., Ltd. plans to invest 22million yuan in the 10000 ton bio based fully degradable plastic packaging film special material modification and product project; Changchun Leiguan environmental protection plastic products Co., Ltd. plans to invest 11million yuan in the operation area of the 700 ton degradable plastic products project. The steel wheel impact interval table provides visual reference for the driver when controlling the compaction speed, so as to maintain the ideal steel wheel impact interval and ensure uniform compaction and compaction flatness. The roller is also equipped with a lighting kit to provide illumination for the driver at night or in poor lighting working conditions. The rotary console, adjustable seats, sufficient outriggers and storage space create a comfortable working environment for the driver

easy to repair and worry free

with the help of the upturned engine compartment cover, the engine and hydraulic components can be easily accessed, making maintenance easier. All maintenance hatch covers can be opened with only one key, and technicians can access the centrally arranged filters from the ground. Fuses and relays are also centrally arranged behind the driver's seat, and are designed to prevent damage and water ingress

dd145 has a long oil change interval. The hydraulic oil change interval is 2000 working hours, and the eccentric bearing oil change interval is 3000 working hours. With the pulse remote machine information transmission system tailored by Volvo for the Chinese market, fleet managers can remotely access a series of important information such as geographical location, fault code and repair and maintenance planning to understand the working conditions of the machine

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