The hottest 15billion intertidal wind farm project

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The 15billion intertidal wind farm project signed and landed Sany Heavy energy to make a new history

15billion intertidal wind farm project signed and landed Sany Heavy energy to make a new history

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, Sany Heavy Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. and the Management Committee of Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone signed the "Sany Wenzhou intertidal wind farm project cooperation and development framework agreement" in Beijing. The planned total installed capacity of the project is 1.2 million KW, with a total investment of more than 15billion yuan. It is the intertidal wind power project with the largest project capacity and investment scale in China

it is understood that the intertidal wind farm project signed this time is located in the outer tidal flat of Wenzhou Oufei phase I, the largest single reclamation project in China. The current water depth of the seabed is between 3.0m and 10.0m. It is a typical intertidal wind farm. The center line of the sample is as close to the steel surface as possible. The planned area of the project is about 287km2, and the total installed capacity of the project is 1.2 million KW. If the market scope of the automotive new material industry is expected to reach several trillion yuan, all development and power generation will be completed, which will provide 41.9 billion kwh of clean power for Zhejiang Province every year, and about 13million tons of standard coal can be saved

at the signing ceremony, xufengbo, director of the management committee and Secretary of the Party committee of Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, signed a cooperation framework agreement with Mao Zhongwu, director of Sany group and deputy director of Sany Heavy energy. Xufengbo said that Sany has strong strength and rich experience in the field of new energy development, and he is very optimistic about the cooperation between the two sides. In the future, the two sides are expected to carry out more far-reaching cooperation in the fields of industrial investment, clean energy industry fund and construction industrialization

recently, onel regent, deputy general manager of DPCA technology and head of the technology center headquarters, presided over the technology exchange meeting. Over the past years, Sany Heavy energy has continued to promote strategic transformation in the renewable energy and wind power investment sector, continuously made innovations in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, digital wind farms, smart energy, etc., and made efforts to deepen the industry and key links. Mao Zhongwu, deputy director of Sany Heavy energy, said that the signing of the cooperation agreement marked that Sany Heavy energy had made a breakthrough in the field of intertidal wind power and was of great strategic significance to Sany Heavy energy's transformation strategy and long-term development

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