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In the past 15 years, Yulin witnessed the rising power of energy and chemical industry. In 2006, at the beginning of the 11th five year plan, Yulin, in accordance with the overall requirements of leapfrog development, seized the historical opportunity of building a national energy and chemical industry base, took the energy and chemical industry as a new "growth pole" for economic development, and realized that the total financial revenue exceeded the "10 billion mark" for the first time. "Yulin international coal and high-end energy and Chemical Industry Expo" also "came into being" at this time. Over the past 15 years, Yulin coal Expo has gradually become an important platform for domestic and foreign coal energy enterprises and equipment manufacturers to publicize their corporate image, display cutting-edge products, and negotiate economic and trade cooperation. It has also witnessed the strong rise of Yulin Energy and chemical industry

high end forward - "made in Yulin" has the core competitiveness

in 2006, Guohua Jinjie 1p unit was put into operation, marking the completion and operation of China's first coal power integration project. By the end of 2019, the total installed capacity of Yulin power has reached 30.714 million KW, and the installed capacity of coal power transmission will reach 10.24 million KW by the end of the 13th five year plan, truly realizing the efficient utilization of high-quality energy and the green, coordinated and sustainable development of coal power base

2018, Yulin established the "12363" high-end development strategy for coal chemical industry, built six industrial chains, including coal based utilization, coal to methanol olefins and downstream, coal to aromatics ethylene glycol polyester, coal to oil, coal based high-end chemicals, and chlor alkali chemicals, and achieved the "three goals" of transforming raw materials into materials, expanding from bulk chemicals to end applications, and moving forward from the middle and low end of the industrial chain to the high end. (3) In the past 15 years, "Yulin coal", "Yulin blue carbon" and other high-quality brands, as well as a large number of world-leading energy and chemical devices such as coal to olefin, million ton coal indirect liquefaction, the world's first 10000 ton methanol to aromatics, and the world's first kerosene mixing have been "born" in Yulin, which has truly recognized "made in Yulin" at home and abroad. 2.4 million tons of olefins, 1.6 million tons of coal based oil products, 3.05 million tons of coal to methanol, 300000 tons of coal to acetic acid, 1.35 million tons of PVC and 2.22 million tons of coal tar hydrogenation. These high-end energy projects have become the core competitiveness of Yulin in transformation, upgrading and high-quality development

this year, with the commencement of the demonstration project of Shaanxi coal Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. for the preparation of new chemical materials by using coal quality, compared with other component preparation software, Yulin, as China's largest production capacity City, has the largest coal processing capacity, the highest degree of industrial integration, the most complex technology integration, and the closest industrial chain to the end market, It has far-reaching influence and significance on the development trend of coal chemical industry in China and even in the world

innovation driven - focus on the cutting-edge level to layout industrial projects

in recent years, Yulin has deeply implemented the innovation driven strategy, focused on the cutting-edge level of energy and chemical industry at home and abroad, comprehensively arranged industrial projects around scientific and technological innovation, and realized the transformation from "resource-based" to "innovative"

the world's first million ton coal indirect liquefaction to oil project and the first 450000 ton kerosene co refining demonstration project were completed in Shaanxi future energy and chemical company and Yanchang group respectively. A large number of leading large-scale energy deep conversion projects at home and abroad have been put into operation. Yulin has mastered three typical coal to oil processes, including coal indirect liquefaction, kerosene co refining and coal tar hydrogenation, and has gradually formed raw coal blue carbon coal tar high-end oil Raw coal - methanol - olefins (aromatics) - synthetic materials, raw coal - coal liquefaction - fine chemicals and other circular industrial chains. In 2019, Yulin's coal to liquid production capacity accounted for 17.3% of the country's total production capacity, providing strong support for the development of Yulin's high-end energy and chemical industry

at the same time, Yulin coal development has moved from automatic mining to intelligence, and the coal recovery rate has increased to 90%, reaching the world leading level; More than 80% of green mines have been built, and all oil and gas have been exploited in a green way. In 2019, the output of raw coal, crude oil and natural gas will reach 464million tons, 10.54 million tons and 17.6 billion cubic meters respectively. Yulin has truly formed a complete industrial chain from mining to transformation to comprehensive utilization of tail gas and waste residue

on December 9, 2019, the provincial government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation agreement on "jointly creating Yulin national energy revolution and innovation demonstration zone". Subsequently, Yulin Branch of Clean Energy Innovation Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yulin Hengyang comprehensive pilot test and demonstration base, Yulin Branch of energy College of National University of science and technology and other preliminary work were successively promoted, and Yulin officially opened the prelude to the establishment of a national energy revolution innovation demonstration zone

on this basis, in June this year, the Hengli (Yulin) coal chemical integration industrial base project officially "landed", focusing on the construction of Hengli (Yulin) coal chemical industrial park and Hengli (Yulin) textile new material industrial park. This project has realized the deep integration from coal to olefins and aromatics to fine chemicals, PTA, polyester, chemical fiber and new textile material processing for the first time in the industry, and will certainly accelerate the construction of Yulin into a world-class high-end energy and chemical base

carrying capacity of Parks - building a diversified complementary energy industrial system

2012, Yulin high tech Zone was upgraded to a national high tech Zone; In 2013, Yushen Industrial Park was upgraded to a national economic development zone. Subsequently, in accordance with the principle of "one county, one district and multiple parks", Yulin, with national and provincial parks as the main body, integrated the number of parks from 44 in the "13th five year plan" to 23, and built a pattern of prominent main industries, distinctive characteristics, industrial coordination and dislocation development. The park has become the "main position" to carry the development of energy industry

among them, Yuheng and Yushen industrial parks focus on the development of modern energy and chemical industry, Yuyang, Shenmu and Fugu industrial parks focus on the development of energy carrying industries focusing on coal, carbon, gas and downstream industries, Dingbian and Jingbian industrial parks focus on the development of new energy and oil and gas comprehensive utilization industries, and Nanbu County Industrial Park focuses on the development of salt chemical industry, liquefied natural gas and agricultural product processing industries. According to different positioning, it has laid a solid "foundation" for Yulin to build a diversified complementary energy industrial system based on the development of kerosene, gas and salt and dominated by electric power and chemical industry. On this basis, relying on the construction of the park, Yulin has successively introduced and established a number of national and provincial engineering technology research centers, innovation centers and key laboratories, increased the degree of openness, and supported various enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions to set up R & D institutions or establish innovation alliances. At the same time, the large resilience LS PVC material has good flame retardancy, high transparency, high reflectance and uniform metal color effect, which promotes the introduction and cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the coal chemical industry, continuously improves the industrial innovation ability and highlights the agglomeration effect of the park

in recent years, Yushen Industrial Park, as the core component of the national energy and chemical industry base - Northern Shaanxi energy and chemical industry base, has successively "assembled" major projects such as 1.8 million tons of methanol co production of 400000 tons of ethylene glycol, 1.2 million tons of pulverized coal pyrolysis of Shaanxi coal, 500000 tons of ethanol extension, 400000 tons of ethylene glycol of Yushen, gradually forming the world's top 500 enterprises as the main investors, The construction pattern of five hundred billion level industrial clusters led by the latest modern coal chemical industry technology. This year, of the 35 high-end chemical projects that the city has focused on, 22 are under construction in Yushen Industrial Zone, including 15 continuation projects and 7 new projects, accounting for 65% and 58% of the total projects respectively. The carrying capacity is becoming increasingly prominent

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