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13 institutions launched the "joint initiative on green energy conservation"

recently, the national energy conservation week themed seminar with "sharing of green energy conservation experience" as the highlight, including providing sufficient and healthy food for people around the world and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, was held in Beijing. Under the guidance of the national energy conservation center, the conference was jointly organized by the natural resources conservation association (NRDC) and the top10 energy conservation center of Switzerland, the Research Institute of carbon footprint, innovation and green, the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), the German Agency for International Cooperation (Giz), the energy and transportation innovation center (iCET), the China Environmental Protection Federation, the Youth Action Network on climate change (CYCAN), the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) Organized by many environmental protection and sustainable development organizations, such as the Institute of transport and development policy (ITDP), the center for green innovation and development (igdp)

at the meeting, the national energy conservation center said that various departments will organize diverse and colorful activities during the energy conservation publicity cycle, and the sharing of green energy conservation experience this time is one of the highlights. He stressed the importance of the active participation of all sectors of society in energy conservation, and encouraged and affirmed the energy conservation work done by the participating units, including NRDC, over the years

in terms of industrial energy conservation, zhubeifang, director of Suzhou energy conservation technology service center, introduced the local work to support the construction of sustainable energy management system for small and medium-sized enterprises. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, and more than 99% of industrial enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to solve this problem, the small and medium-sized enterprises have relatively compact personnel organization and generally weak energy management foundation, so the energy-saving potential needs to be further tapped. Sustainable energy management system is an advanced management means to cultivate enterprise energy-saving culture and obtain long-term energy-saving benefits. Therefore, NRDC and Suzhou Institute of energy conservation management started the pilot project of sustainable energy management system in Suzhou in 2016. Yangchengcheng, Dean of Suzhou Energy Conservation Management Institute, introduced the pilot project at the meeting. The project helped six small and medium-sized enterprises in the electronics and chemical fiber industries to establish and improve their internal sustainable energy management system, greatly improved their energy management capabilities, and achieved energy efficiency improvement and energy optimization through management and technical measures. If the successful experience of pilot enterprises is widely promoted in small and medium-sized enterprises, it will form a strong support for the realization of the national energy-saving goal

Zhufeng, the representative of Jiangsu Shengheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., who participated in the pilot project, introduced their successful experience. Through the establishment and implementation of a sustainable energy management system, Shengheng chemical fiber was rated as a "three star energy efficiency star" enterprise in Suzhou in 2017, and was elected as a circular economy demonstration enterprise in Suzhou, an energy-saving benchmark enterprise in Wujiang district and an advanced enterprise in energy conservation and consumption reduction in Shengze Town

Shan Mingwei, project manager of green supply chain of American Environmental Protection Association (EDF), introduced the work of green supply chain. In terms of building energy conservation and terminal refrigeration energy efficiency improvement, hongjialing, consultant of China refrigeration energy efficiency project of Energy Foundation (China), and zhangmofan, research analyst of energy project of World Resources Institute (WRI), respectively introduced their work

in terms of transportation energy conservation, Tan Hua, a senior transportation expert of the world bank, introduced the world bank's China transportation knowledge dissemination platform (tran21. automatic parking at fixed time, automatic parking at fixed deformation, and automatic parking at fixed load). Lijingzhu, the sustainable transportation project manager of the German international cooperation Agency (Giz), introduced how multimodal transport can help the concrete pressure testing machine, which is a frequently used testing instrument, to save energy and reduce emissions, Kang Liping, senior manager of clean transportation project of the energy and transportation innovation center (iCET), introduced their China green car list project

nrdc senior consultant yangfuqiang launched a joint initiative on green energy conservation on behalf of more than 10 supporting units, calling on the whole society to respond to the national call for green development and promote the in-depth development of energy conservation. Yangfuqiang said that the theme of this year's national energy conservation publicity week, "saving energy, reducing consumption and protecting the blue sky", hit the key: in the case of relatively loose energy supply, we should not relax, but pay more attention to energy conservation and make contributions to protecting the blue sky

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