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12KW diesel generator supply

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12kw diesel generator supply u self starting diesel generator is mainly composed of diesel engine, generator and control system. There are two types of connection between diesel engine and generator, one is flexible connection, that is, the two parts are connected by shaft coupling, and the other is rigid connection, which is formed by using high-strength bolts to connect the rigid connecting piece of generator with the 6-point disc of diesel engine. At present, there are more rigid connections, and diesel engine and generator are connected After that, a good Rotorless vulcanizer detector is installed on the common chassis, and then various sensors, such as water temperature sensors, are equipped to display the operating conditions of the diesel engine to the operator through these sensors. With these sensors, a lower limit can be set. When the limit is reached or exceeded, the system will give an alarm afterwards. If the operator fails to take measures at this time, The control system will stop the unit automatically. The diesel generator set adopts this method to protect itself The sensor receives and reacts various information. The fatigue testing machine mainly relies on the system resonance to work

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