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1.37 billion cloud contracts! The third project of Jiande has been finalized to build a smart paper packaging cloud factory

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at the same time of fighting the epidemic prevention and control, the work of attracting investment cannot stop. Recently, through the online "screen-to-screen" signing method, Jiande has made a "good start" in attracting investment in the first quarter of 2020, accelerated the construction of key projects in the new high-speed rail area, and made sure that it should strive to adopt both high boiling point and low volatility to prevent and control the epidemic and attract investment

on the afternoon of February 22, at the signing ceremony of 2020 investment projects held in the high speed railway new area, the members of the Party Working Committee and the deputy director of the Management Committee of the high speed railway New Area (high speed new park) completed the online project signing with the project leader in the form of "no meeting" and "screen to screen" communication

the three projects signed this time are the Jiande Yilian high tech materials Industrial Park project with an investment of 1billion yuan, the smart paper packaging cloud factory with an investment of 250million yuan, and the project with an annual output of 7499 tons of hot-dip plastic steel pipes and 12000 tons of MPP/PE pipes with an investment of 120million yuan, all of which are above billion yuan, with a total investment of 1.37 billion yuan

"through the special way of video communication, it avoids the gathering of people and handles things in a more economical, convenient and efficient way, which is very popular with enterprises."

direction introduction: on the one hand, this method ensures that the projects under construction are not delayed, and on the other hand, it also conveys an attitude to everyone - "merchants do not meet, investment promotion is continuous". Although the epidemic situation is isolated, this is also an aspect of the production control system. Face to face communication and liquidation of deteriorated oil can not be isolated, but it can not be isolated from our enthusiasm for investment promotion, nor can it be isolated from our commitment to enterprises, 8 The high-quality service of the experimental machine in the work process is realized

it is reported that the project of Jiande Yilian high tech materials Industrial Park is guided by leading enterprises, focusing on nanocomposite functional new materials projects, 3D technology manufacturing projects and outdoor product projects. It is planned to simultaneously build an extended product Park of nanocomposite functional new materials, and build a smart manufacturing and research, e-commerce, warehousing and logistics, production and living facilities, headquarters base The Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Western Hangzhou, which integrates financial services and smart park management, plays a promoting role in further boosting the confidence of investment enterprises and stimulating the economic vitality of the city

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