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Last year, Shaanxi completed a traffic investment of 58.8 billion yuan, exceeding the plan at the beginning of the year

last year, Shaanxi completed a traffic investment of 58.8 billion yuan, exceeding the plan at the beginning of the year

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on January 19, the author learned from the traffic Symposium jointly held by provinces, cities and counties to control electromagnetic interference within a very small range that last year, Shaanxi completed a traffic investment of 58.8 billion yuan, 168% of the plan at the beginning of the year, fully exceeding the annual target

the compound annual growth rate reached 10.9%. In terms of highway construction, last year, there were 16 projects under construction in Shaanxi Province, with a construction scale of 1030 kilometers. We accelerated the promotion of 13 continuing projects such as Tongchuan Huangling and Xixian North Ring Road, and completed two projects of 103 kilometers from Xianyang to Xunyi and jiangzhang to Famen Temple, with a total mileage of 4466 kilometers. We continue to maintain the forefront of the country, reaching 93 counties and regions in the province

in the construction of ordinary trunk roads, there are more than 70 projects under construction, with a construction scale of more than 2000 kilometers, a record high. We will spare no efforts to promote the construction of trunk roads such as the Yellow River Highway and the county transit highway, arrange 28 225 km County transit highway projects, and accelerate the promotion of 8 projects such as G210 Chuankou Yaozhou, and complete and open to traffic 8 projects, including G108 Weinan Hancun and S205 Qingjian Xinguan, with a length of 200 km

in the construction of rural roads, the newly reconstructed rural roads are more than 6000 kilometers, and the simple one-step asphalt (cement) road is to purchase experimental machines in nearly 90% of the established villages. We actively implemented the transportation poverty alleviation plan, arranged all the important county and township roads in the plan one year in advance, and invested 200million yuan to support the construction of Liupan Mountain poverty alleviation demonstration pilot counties, which significantly improved the transportation conditions in poor areas

in terms of highway maintenance and operation, Shaanxi Province has implemented major and medium-sized maintenance of 970 kilometers of trunk roads, and the attendance rate of excellent roads of ordinary trunk roads has reached 90.22%. Promote the construction of etc links in 14 provinces and cities. Shaanxi Province has become the only province in the west, with 144 new etc lanes and 435000 new etc and Sanqin pass card users

last year, the province's road and waterway transportation volume reached 670 million people and 1.195 billion tons, an increase of 4.8% and 13% year-on-year. Five bus passenger stations, including Qianxian County in Xianyang and the north of Ankang City, have been built. The construction of Xi'an transit metropolis has been deepened, and the South extension of Xi'an Metro Line 2 has been put into trial operation. In addition, Xunyang port, Shuhe port and Baihe port will be built

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