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Shaanxi construction machinery emergency rescue association established to fight natural disasters

Shaanxi construction machinery emergency rescue association established to fight natural disasters

China Construction Machinery Information in these temperature ranges can usually meet the needs of temperature experiments of most domestic military and civilian products. There are also different buttons and control keys in the material testing machine

April 29, The construction machinery emergency rescue association, which is voluntarily formed by people who love public welfare undertakings, enterprises and institutions in the construction machinery industry, colleges and universities, social organizations and other units in Shaanxi Province, was established. The association is a non-profit social organization. With the purpose of emergency rescue, walking with you, winning time and retaining life, it will become a powerful force for Chinese enterprises to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery and find their own plastic extrusion machinery to fight natural disasters and save lives and property in our province

when natural disasters such as earthquake, drought, flood and thunderstorm come, every minute of rescue is closely related to the safety of people's lives and property. How to deal with disasters and provide urgently needed high-efficiency and high-performance mechanical equipment for rescue work is the expectation of government departments and the whole society for the construction machinery industry, and it is also the responsibility of Engineering robots. The establishment of the association is mainly to solve the problems of insufficient emergency rescue equipment and less professional teams. Further strengthen the construction of construction machinery emergency rescue team in our province, improve the ability of rapid emergency response, and be responsible for the establishment of construction machinery emergency rescue detachment and other branches in cities throughout the province. In the event of a disaster, it will protect the lives and property of the people of the whole province

at the first general meeting of the association, the articles of association of the association were read out, the member units were introduced, and the president, chief supervisor, vice president and secretary general were elected. He Gang served as the first president of the association

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