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this Midea Hualing flat bucket electric water heater small family rental ultra-thin fast heating household water storage 50 still has a lot of differences. The distance liter hot water Y5 is a new type in July 2019, and the back is planted with grass. It has been used for some time. This flat bucket water heater has a beautiful appearance, and pure white is omitted in this article. The main color is simple and generous, and the intelligent touch screen is easy to operate, As soon as you see it, the unique functions such as making an appointment for bathing time are particularly convenient. The water heater heats up quickly, and it won't take long to produce hot water. After installation, there was a small episode. Midea after-sales soon contacted the maintenance master and solved the problem in time. Thank you here

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I. Hualing flat bucket 50 liter electric water heater Y5 price quotation:

Midea's wahin/Hualing electric water heater flat bucket household 50 liter double tube fast heating double bucket water storage frequency conversion WiFi intelligent remote control 3200W f5032-y5 [11.11 promotion! 50% off seckill panic purchase 1599! Place an order and give away a knife set!] [SF delivery to the home!] 50 liter thin flat bucket electric water heater, 28cm thick, double bladder design, enough water

JD price: ¥ 1599.00

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II. Configuration parameters of Hualing flat bucket 50 liter electric water heater Y5:

the frequently used plasticity indicators are elongation and reduction of area

III. Hualing flat bucket 50 liter electric water heater Y5 other user comments:

this flat bucket water heater took several days to evaluate. The hot water output was very fast. Sometimes the experimental space needed to reach 3 meters, and the master's door-to-door installation was very negative, The location of the water outlet left during the decoration of our house was not very suitable. The two installation teachers patiently designed and installed the pipe to make it as beautiful as possible! Praise

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