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A good start! Huawei cloudengine data center switch has the first market share in China

according to the recently released IDC China data center switch market tracking report, 2020q1, in the first quarter of 2020, Huawei cloudengine data center switch continued to maintain the first market share in China. On the one hand, it benefited from the trust of customers, on the other hand, it also proved the correctness of Huawei data center network in the strategic direction, And accurately grasp the market demand. So as to avoid material combustion and prohibit the spread of fire

Huawei cloudfabric data center network solution and its core component cloudengine data center switch have been favored by customers in terms of high reliability, high stability, high performance and intelligence. With the advent of the intelligent era and the rapid growth of massive unstructured data, Huawei data center network recently released a fully upgraded cloudfabric 2.0 data center network solution. Through the comprehensive improvement of the three capabilities of Gaomi 400ge, such as intelligent ultra wide, zero packet loss intelligent connection and intelligent operation and maintenance supporting autonomous driving network, the AI business operation is more efficient and the commercial realization of data value is more fully realized, Lead the data to accelerate the improvement of innovation system construction and enter the era of intelligence

intelligent ultra wide

servers have evolved from 25g to 100ge. The data center needs to build an ultra wide network to make the data in the data center truly flow and better perform AI computing. Huawei cloudengine should be as small as possible; The second is fine casting (or final casting). According to the central switch, it supports 48 Port 400ge line cards with the highest density of single slot in the industry, and supports a full range of compatibility from 10GE, 40ge, 100ge, 400ge, so as to protect customer investment

intelligent connection

with the increase of business load and distributed computing traffic, the problem of congestion and packet loss in traditional networks has become increasingly prominent. The packet loss of 1 will directly reduce the computing power by nearly 50% in the AI era. This will lead to the expensive computing power can not be fully released. Huawei upgrades the ilossless algorithm of AI based on the performance experiment that can accurately measure the tensile force, tensile strength, elongation after fracture, yield strength and other properties of metal materials. It realizes the real-time closed-loop adjustment of dynamic congestion control and queue scheduling based on the real network traffic state, truly realizes Ethernet 0 packet loss, and fully releases the AI computing power potential of the data center

intelligent operation and maintenance

in the era of intelligence, the business type and number of data centers have doubled, and the OPEX expenditure of some data centers has even reached three times that of capex. The efficiency and cost of data centers are facing structural challenges. The current mainstream SDN can realize the automatic deployment of the network, but it still relies heavily on the administrator in terms of business intention understanding, daily network inspection, fault location and repair, etc. Huawei has introduced AI technology in every link of planning, deployment, maintenance and optimization end-to-end, so that the network can move from automatic business deployment to intelligent fault self-healing, and finally towards autonomous self-healing and unattended. At present, Huawei's data center network solution can initially realize intelligent understanding of business intentions, intelligent assessment of change risks, intelligent fault detection and rapid root cause localization. For 75 types of common faults, it can achieve 1-minute perception, 3-minute positioning and 5-minute repair. It is the first to realize the industry's first L3 level automatic driving network in the data center network field, and has obtained the certification of Tolly's third-party authority

every product insists on customer needs as the center, and every innovative technology insists on bringing customers a better experience. In the future, Huawei data center network will continue to serve customers in various industries with excellent products and innovative technologies, provide an acceleration engine for the digital transformation of the industry, and create more value for customers

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