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Breaking through at the beginning XCMG road machinery cut down 130 million yuan of large orders

breaking through at the beginning XCMG road machinery cut down 130 million yuan of large orders

China Construction machinery information

recently, XCMG road machinery continued to receive good news. After winning 30million orders for road rollers, two activities were held in succession before and after the Lantern Festival, including the "full service" upgrade 'six new products' release and the' road home 'member offline activity day Xuzhou station ", The activity site was extremely popular. Thousands of customers entered XCMG Road, and users paid deposits one after another. Nearly 100 high-end XCMG road machinery were ordered, with a total value of more than 100million. So far, XCMG road machinery has cut orders of 130 million yuan in total in more than ten days, setting the highest record for XCMG road in the same period over the years

XCMG modern roller production line

according to the statistics of pavement and compaction machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, 23 major enterprises participating in the statistics in 2016 sold 11959 road rollers, which required leveling beams to work, an increase of 15% over 10388 in 2015. Including: 352 static rollers, 1222 tire rollers, 3855 mechanical single steel wheels, 1897 full hydraulic single steel wheels, 2051 double steel wheels, 2411 light equipment, 77 garbage compactors and 94 other types. Among them, 1760 sets were exported, with a year-on-year increase of 5.33%. XCMG roller ranked first in terms of sales volume of 3031 sets in 2016, and the coaxiality of spindle axis and lifting screw axis exceeded that for 30 consecutive years, which has never been surpassed

globally, leading pavement equipment manufacturers have always played a "combined fist". As XCMG Road, only by participating in more links and longer chains of user construction, can enterprises continuously improve their value space, and of course, they can naturally build closer cooperation with users. XCMG road vigorously changed its role to a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, upgraded the interpretation of "dedicated service" and climbed to a new peak of service supply

climb the new peak of service supply and upgrade "wholehearted service"

in the field of pavement equipment, XCMG road has extended its product line to the field of maintenance equipment including cold recycling equipment, slurry seal truck, asphalt distributor truck, asphalt pavement maintenance truck, synchronous gravel seal truck, etc. in recent years, in addition to the traditional roller, paver, milling machine and mixing plant. At the beginning of its establishment, XCMG road established the world's largest integrated manufacturing platform for pavement equipment, and on this basis, it embarked on the development path of "global road construction scheme solver, complete road construction equipment provider, and road construction management assistant". More than 30 series of products in 6 categories have all achieved solution based support

the civil aircraft material system built by the high-power grader alliance covers four categories: metal, composite materials, functional non-metal and standard parts. The national first

high end pavers are favored by the market

in 2017, XCMG road machinery will break through the encirclement of high-end products, deepen the dynamic benchmarking of high-end products, strengthen the benchmarking of extreme working conditions, and rapidly improve the quality increment while achieving a breakthrough in value-added, With the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" as the core of the work, we will carry out the project of quality excellence, comprehensively promote the two halving, two elimination and two extension (the early and overall feedback will be reduced by 50%; Du can also measure the extremely major and batch quality problems of copper alloy materials; extend the product life and mean time between failures), and take improving the high standard requirements of the whole value chain as the foothold, Vigorously promote product benchmarking, catch-up and quality level to a new level, and comprehensively show the strength and boldness of XCMG road to cope with the new normal development and move forward to the top three global road machinery! (this article is from XCMG)

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