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Starch biodegradable disposable tableware

the "starch biodegradable disposable tableware" developed by the scientific researchers of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Beijing TnIc science and trade center with reference to the technical characteristics of the same industry abroad and using the principles of modern biochemical technology has been successfully developed. It is mainly based on corn starch or other starch, which can be completely degraded after being used up and discarded

because this product is a tableware with high content of starch, and it is the only one in China that all meet the national standard (gb/18006.) At present, our products have passed the testing of China Environmental Science testing center of the State Environmental Protection Administration with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection devices, and their performance and health indicators have reached national standards. In addition, the technology of this product has a wide range of applications. The related products derived from its technical characteristics are not limited to the field of tableware, and have come out of a great shape in the mid dish stage. Using its special tablets with rapid degradation and nutritional components, it can produce flowerpots, ashtrays and other products. After recycling, it can be eaten by livestock, and discarded in nature, it can be rapidly degraded and increase soil fertility. The main raw material for the production of this product is corn flour starch, with an addition of more than 90%. The auxiliary materials are extracted from plant ingredients, so the production cost is low. Driven by the demand for new energy vehicles, the production process is simple and the equipment investment is small. Based on the annual output of 2 hydraulic source cooling, 5million pieces are cooled by the equipped air cooling system, and the equipment investment is only 960000 yuan

according to the survey and statistics of relevant departments, 20billion disposable tableware were consumed nationwide in 2001, and the annual demand for disposable tableware in developed countries in Asia and Western Europe alone exceeded 80billion abroad. Beijing TnIc science and Trade Center is sincerely invited to join us

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