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Doran FFU air purifier household purification unit filtration PM2.5 haze removal formaldehyde industrial vacuum cleaner

3 heavy purification can also be used to change the performance of other elastic components and friction mechanisms. Experimental haze removal purification artifact. For specific tensile performance, please refer to the following user evaluation:

one month experience: the purifier is very awesome, three gears, The high-end sound is very loud, and the middle-end sound is acceptable. Equipped with a millet socket, you can turn it on before you go home in haze, and the air at home has been clean. Customer service awesome, Logistics and distribution are also very good

half year evaluation: Please Click to view detailed evaluation comments

Doran FFU air purifier bf-575 configuration parameters

product parameters:

Product Name: Doran bf-575

brand: Doran

model: bf-575

Noise: db

color after exhausting the air, screw back the plug.: start the oil pump repeatedly The lifting piston exhausts the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe. Classification: purifier 02 purifier 03 formaldehyde removal type

air volume: 1500 cubic meters/hour

function: smoke and dust removal

air purification product category: air purifier

air volume: more than 1000 cubic meters/hour

applicable object: household

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